40+ High Level Free Dragon City Accounts [2023]

Dragon City is a game that has long been played by many gamers all over the world. Back in the days of internet cafes & Facebook, this game became one of the top games that were fun and played a lot.

For those of you who might be dragon city veterans who want to play again, but have forgotten your account, maybe one of the fastest ways is to use a Free Dragon City Account.

As you all know, this Dragon City Facebook Game has hundreds of Dragon Dragons that you can breed into eggs and puppies and then feed until they grow up.

High Level Free Dragon City Accounts

There are various classes / Tiers for each dragon, starting from common, rare, very rare, epic, legendary, and heroes

You can make these dragons stronger and then fight them with other players’ dragons to get prizes.

You can also join Alliances to interact with other players, or you can also complete various missions, exchange orbs or get certain rewards.

Dragon City Features

Before entering the free Dragon City accounts sharing, we will do a little review of the Dragon City game. especially the features in this game. Then what are the exciting features of the Dragon City game?

  • More than 1000 dragons that you are ready to fight and marry together.
  • There are New Dragons every week in the event.
  • There is a dragon skin that makes the appearance of the character you use much more attractive.
  • fight other dragons in PvP to get Prize Chests and increase your leaderboard position.
  • Collect orbs and use them to summon and power up your dragons.
  • There are visualizations for baby dragons, teenagers to adults, depending on the dragon’s level.
  • Exciting and addictive gameplay.

Free Dragon City Accounts [2023]

Free Dragon City Accounts

Okay guys, now we’re going into the discussion section of the newest Dragon city Free lvl Max account.

So, because playing dragon city from 0 – GG is not easy, and takes a lot of time, using this free dragon city account you can easily experience accounts with lots of legendary dragons/heroes.

Moreover, as we know that getting Epic, Legendary, and Heroes class dragons is very difficult (unless you use the Dragon City Cheat).

It takes months and even need to spend some money so you can get Epic, Legendary, or Heroes class dragons.

Because this game is game that requires dedication and a lot of sacrifices.

So with this free Dragon City account, you don’t need to bother spending money, effort, and especially time to get a GG account. So here is his Dragon City account.

For those who don’t have the application yet, you can download the Dragon City game first, then log in with one of the accounts below:

in generalgerenal123

So, those are some of the newest High-level Free Dragon City accounts. Immediately log in and change the password data so that it doesn’t collide with other players because quite a lot of people want to have a free Dragon City account, but unfortunately, there are only a few free account stocks.

The stock of free accounts is indeed small because, until now there are still quite a lot of players who play this game with attributes that are already GG, and it’s a shame to let go of the account, even if it’s sold, let alone to distribute it for free.

If you are unlucky because other Dragon City players have gone before, please be patient, hopefully, later I can update the Free Dragon City account again.

Game Dragon City is an online game available for Facebook, Android, and iOS platforms. You can use all of the free Dragon City accounts that we have shared with all platforms for playing the Dragon City game earlier.

All you have to do is enter the login menu, then enter the email and password that have been shared above.


So many accounts ocean articles about the free dragon city account this time. Hopefully, this is useful and you become one of the owners of the Dragon City Sultan account above.

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