1050+ Free FF Sultan Accounts 2024 [FB & Google Login]

Howdy gamers, are you looking for free ff sultan account? Don’t worry because here we will share with you Free FF Sultan Accounts.

As a Free Fire player, you must understand how difficult it is to reach the Sultan caste.

Because of that, the lure of a free FF Sultan account is so tempting. But, is it safe?

Of course, you are aware that maintaining an account up to the Sultan grade is not easy.

1050+ Free FF Sultan Accounts 2023 Original FB & Google Login

Not only time, but you also need a lot of money to buy various kinds of weapons, skills, and skins.

Just imagine how much money you have to spend to be able to create a Sultan account.

This condition makes many FF players tempted by the offer of a free FF Sultan account with no deception.

Moreover, with this FF Sultan account, you can try various characters, skins, and the latest bundles.

In this review, we will provide some information about registering for a free FF sultan account and several ways to get an FF Sultan account, and the safety of using it.

Not only that, we will also provide safe solutions and tips for those of you who want to get a Sultan Free Fire account.

Latest Free FF Sultan Accounts 2024

In the following, the admin also includes a list of sultan’s Free Fire accounts that you can try to log in complete with the password and email.

FF Sultan Account Free Update 2024

Here the admin is sharing a list of FF sultan accounts for free, updated for January 2024 that you can try.

[email protected]55major55
[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]dropk29
[email protected]4297634537
[email protected]creelimifsTP6
[email protected]francisnicole1
[email protected]johncoffey62
[email protected]oftreps4968
[email protected]imap6n702
[email protected]lifsrix689

Apart from the collection of ff sultan accounts above, you can also try some of the other ff sultans accounts below:

[email protected]jhoneduardhz4
[email protected]rateni23
[email protected]lorddiki899
[email protected]@yun1234
[email protected]dina12345
[email protected]lugito09
[email protected]aristo09
[email protected]raskiloo123
[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]dropk29

Free FF Basic Accounts

The first sultan FF account group that you can try is this basic sultan FF account.

[email protected]jijk0222082280281149
[email protected]lemora320081366483303
[email protected]667188qq081276660294
[email protected]qwer123jj085277092015
[email protected]inreen99082251122608

Free FF Bronze Accounts

The next Ff sultan account that the admin will share this time is a bronze rank account.

[email protected]oiu2323
[email protected]mepelas2345
[email protected]barewen22
[email protected]ktrine3455
[email protected]jonathan12

Silver FF Account

There are 5 FF sultan-level silver accounts that the admin is sharing below, hurry up and secure them before the others.

[email protected]Shahrukh6767082312304361
[email protected]angelamasti22081514577657
[email protected]fatma7712089626702848
[email protected]baruti8890082280281149
[email protected]787787878da085277092015

Free FF Gold Account

For those of you who want to have a gold-rank Free Fire account, you can try one of the 5 account lists below.

[email protected]raskiloo123082292591111
[email protected]marcel0177081366483303
[email protected]aristo09082301889300
[email protected]lugito0908718021268
[email protected]Sorry082251122608

Free FF Platinum Account

Platinum rank is a fairly high rank in the Free Fire game. You can try one of the accounts below.

[email protected]Indrafqo082251122608
[email protected]dina12345089626702848
[email protected]battle67082312304361
[email protected]@yun1234087783381296
[email protected]joe2345082324644168

Free FF Diamond Accounts

Who doesn’t want a diamond rank Free Fire account? Of course, everyone wants. Here, the admin will give you 5 free FF diamond accounts that you can try.

[email protected]lorddiki899
[email protected]rateni23
[email protected]hendrz8009
[email protected]epicterus22
[email protected]vergator667

Rank Master FF Account

The master level is indeed very difficult to achieve for Free Fire players. But now Mimin is sharing 5 free Sultan Master FF accounts for you.

[email protected]tompel345082251122608
[email protected]barium22082292591111
[email protected]lamia11082312304361
[email protected]661818816add085277092015
[email protected]barkinan081366483303

Sultan FF Account Free Login FB

In addition to the list of sultan’s FF accounts above, the admin will also share sultan accounts specifically for FB logins, here’s the list:

[email protected]jasdroideesunpto
[email protected]jhoneduardhz4
[email protected]duvis1522

Sultan FF Account Free Login VK

Apart from the sultan’s FF account for Facebook login, the admin has also prepared a special sultan account for VK login.

[email protected]18050000089637385866
[email protected]marcel01081366483303
[email protected]9727709015da085277092015
[email protected]shahrukh082312304361
[email protected]082251122608
[email protected]shonyadholu082292591111
[email protected]marcel01081366483303
[email protected]1234fatimah089626702848
[email protected]sahuankit081207964421
[email protected]@0607199022087783381296

FF Sultan Full Skin account

For those of you who dream of a full skin sultan Free Fire account, you can try one of the sultan’s FF accounts below:

[email protected]124356abhi9891098921
[email protected]shahrukh9022304361
[email protected]hanuman0019891497114
[email protected]sahuankit919074964421
[email protected]1805006289637385866
[email protected]aa12345aa07801889300
[email protected]Anjeeta_sharma+918145777657

How to Get a Free FF Sultan Account?

Basically, there are three ways you can use to get a free, unused FF Sultan account today.

First, by hxxxxng the account.

The second way is to take accounts offered by kind givers and take part in the giveaway.

Check out the full review below:

1. Cheat or Account Hckk

For the first method, of course, you must have sufficient skill to be able to find someone’s account and take over by trying to enter and change the password.

This first method is somewhat difficult, especially if you are new to this problem.

But if you try this method and can successfully get the account, a sense of pride will appear in itself.

2. Taking Available Free Accounts

This second method is an easy version to get a free 2024 FF Sultan account, original, no deception.

You can find the source directly on the internet. Not a few also share the FF Sultan account via Facebook.

But, usually a free FF Sultan account via Facebook, it is distributed through groups or communities.

Even though it’s fairly easy, unfortunately, this free account offer is always being hunted.

So, who’s fast he can? Even if it’s a little late, it’s certain that Sultan’s accounts offered have changed their passwords and you can’t access them.

What if you managed to secure a free FF Sultan account and password?

Happy! Means you are lucky. If you have this, then immediately change the password so that other people cannot access the account earlier, okay?

3. Giveaway

The third way is to take part in giveaways from other FF players. You can search on Youtube, for channels that like to share accounts for free.

Of course, you have to follow all the rules they want, yes! His name is also free, so the effort must also be hard.

Apart from account giveaways, usually, Youtube channel owners also distribute free Diamonds, you know! Not bad, right?

Is the FF Sultan Free Account Safe?

Apart from being a tempting offer, have you ever asked yourself about the security of a free FF Sultan account?

Or maybe you’ve thought why would someone or a party want to share a free FF Sultan account that isn’t being used today?

In fact, reaching Sultan’s own account is not easy. Actually, there are several reasons that might underlie this.

First, people with hacker skills don’t have much work to do, so they are casual about people’s accounts.

Second, maybe the person who shared the free FF Sultan account and the password really likes to share.

Third, there are FF players who have already reached the top rank in Top Global and are stuck unable to get any more achievements.

In fact, there are players who make the FF game a form of achievement where when they are already at the top rank they choose to leave their account and create a new account again.

Especially for this third reason, of course, you’ve heard rumors recently that the accounts of top global sultans are no longer being used by their owners, right?

Fourth, there is an intention to steal data or phishing.

Regardless of the underlying reason, the FF Sultan free FB account is honestly not 100% safe.

Especially if the way to get an FF Sultan account for free is by hacking or cheating.

In addition, you should know that the original account owner can still retrieve accounts that were taken in this bad way.

Retrieval of accounts by way of phishing status is only temporary.

This is because the original owner can still take over the account by copying their Free Fire ID.

The original owner will make a report to Garena via the ticket channel and CS support provided.

This method is automatically the easiest way to get their account back.

It’s a shame if the free FF Sultan account that you got suddenly can’t be accessed again.

It’s Safer and Certain by Buying a Legal FF Account

It's Safer and Certain by Buying a Legal FF Account

If the way to get an FF Sultan account for free has more downsides, then you can consider a safe way.

The trick is to buy an FF Sultan account, which is widely scattered on the marketplace.

Usually, these sellers sell accounts that they breed alone or in groups.

So, there are individuals or groups who play FF ​​with the intention of selling their accounts when their grade is Sultan.

Don’t get me wrong! Not a few FF players have done this because the results are quite promising.

The market is also quite broad because many FF players are financially stable and don’t want to bother upgrading accounts from scratch.

If you do have the funds, then this method can be the best choice.

Tips for Buying FF Accounts Legally

To avoid various problems that may arise in your FF account, buying an account is indeed the best choice.

But, you still can’t just buy an account, okay? Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Buy on a Secure Platform

The first tip is very important because it can help you avoid being scammed.

Marketplaces such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, and so on will not disburse funds directly to the seller when a transaction occurs.

So, if after a purchase transaction, it turns out that the account you bought doesn’t match the description, then your funds are still safe. You can file a refund and complain to the seller.

  • Find a Trusted Seller

If you have determined a safe platform, then you can start looking for the right seller.

Avoid buying from sellers who have no reviews at all and also have a low level of communication.

Also make sure you ask questions first through the available chat to find out more about the seller and the FF account they are selling, okay?

  • Adjust to Budget

This last tip is very important because the budget will be your main foundation when buying an FF account.

Usually, not only Sultan’s account is available on the marketplace.

But you can also get Basic, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master accounts.

So, the price range available is also quite wide. If indeed your funds are not enough to buy an FF Sultan account, then you have two choices.

First, hold back and save enough funds.

Second, buy an account below the Sultan grade according to the existing budget.

Hopefully, the information about the free FF Sultan account above is useful for all of you!

Once again, remember that being able to get a free and safe FF Sultan account is quite difficult, so maybe you can consider the last method we suggested earlier, OK?

Good luck and see you on the battleground!

Admin is a professional blogger and tech geek from the last 8 years, also has knowledge in digital marketing, computer, mobile, and so on. Completed MTech from a well known IT institute in India.

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