Wondershare Filmora Activation Key for FREE [2023]

Hello friends, are you looking for free Wondershare Filmora Registration Code? Well, in this article, we are going to share with you Wondershare Filmora Activation Key.

For those of you who like to edit videos, of course, you will prefer to use an application that will be used on a computer or for a smartphone. One such application is WonderShare Filmora.

This application is a video editor software that is not only used by beginners but also professionals. You need a filmora activation code so you can get maximum comfort when using it.

Wondershare Filmora Activation Key for FREE

What is Wondershare Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing application that is quite light when compared to similar applications because it does not require large RAM and storage to run it.

This application has even started to be in great demand, especially by content creators who regularly make videos to be posted on social media such as Youtube and others.

The Filmora application provides free and paid services that can be selected according to the wishes of each user.

When using a free service, you will get a watermark on the edited video and it will be very disturbing from the results of the videos that will be made and edited later.

As for paid services, the watermark will of course be removed by the application system automatically.

Discussion of the Latest Filmora Registration Code

However, you can also use the service for free without the annoying watermark, by utilizing the registration code that is owned by the Filmora application.

You can use the code or serial number to activate or register on the Filmora application, guys.

There are lots of codes or serial numbers that can be tried one by one until the activation is successful because it is possible that the existing codes have also been used by other users.

Filmora 9 strengths and weaknesses

There are several types of filmora that can be used, namely filmora 9, 2020, 8.7.3, 7.8.9 or 2018. Each type of filmora has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, filmora 9 is one of the most widely used types of filmora.

If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of Filmora 9, you can check the following information:


  • It’s easy to learn so it can be used by anyone. Either by beginners or even by a professional.
  • It’s lightweight so you don’t have to worry if your device isn’t strong enough to use it. Unless the device you are using has limited space.
  • Has a great effect.
  • The fast editing process.
  • Allows you to perform Multiple Video Imports.


  • Lack of flexibility in editing videos, for example in making text.
  • There are several types of premium effects. So, if you want to use it, then you have to buy it first.

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Wondershare Filmora Activation Key 2023

So, here is a collection of the latest Filmora serial numbers or registration codes.

Filmora 9 Activation Key

Licensed e-mailRegistration code
[email protected]10403029CF3644154831651AF141E800
[email protected]510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD5220E
[email protected]35706E040C63EE00E377911B29A3B301
[email protected]00289623F7B3B81E141EB526144B6D08
[email protected]D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2105CA89A19
[email protected]FB9694298251B51545E70D22B3033808
[email protected]9C25161ECDDDCA20F1FFB90E39E5A109
[email protected]9C251612CDDDCA20F1FFB90E39E8A109
[email protected]1C670A76D88EAA0945B8762F4B412B1A

Filmora 2020 Activation Code

Licensed e-mailRegistration code
[email protected]10403029CF3644154841651A7141E800
[email protected]510B3C2099E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
[email protected]35706E040C63EE0012377911BB9A3B301
[email protected]00289623F7B3B81E14AEB5261674B6D0
[email protected]D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109C189A19
[email protected]FB9694298253B51545E70D22B7033808
[email protected]9C25161ECDDDCA20F1FFB90E39E7A109
[email protected]9C25161ECDDDCA20F1FFB98E39E8A109
[email protected]1C670A76D88EAA0945B8712F4B4A2B1A

Filmora Activation Code 8.7.3

Licensed e-mailRegistration Key
[email protected]10403029CF3644154841658AF141E800
[email protected]510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28B2D1220E
[email protected]35706E040C63EE30E377911BB9A3B301
[email protected]00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
[email protected]D772BE0279AFE60AF0E3D2109CA89A19
[email protected]FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3035808
[email protected]9C25161ECDDDCA22F1FFB90E39E8A109

Filmora Activation Code 7.8.9

E-mailRegistration Code
[email protected]1C670A76D88EAA0945B8762F4B4A2B1A
[email protected]CE8B0909EEC77B27DFEA94190F3A0223
[email protected]17E68312BFC9A61C00F69506E61D5705
[email protected]0511BC07A779170C76CDE8282839FA07
[email protected]6E7E41014934DC0D00AD6423B9C05E1F
[email protected]E7BF750E328BCB0CAC29A012A4E63819

Wondershare Filmora 12 License key


Wondershare Filmora 12 Serial key


Filmora 11 Registration Code

Filmora 10 Registration Code

  • 98Y65SD4793J365VB89J6K63B22KK96Y
  • 34GGDH98966H447956H68V5666N42G
  • 52GT2G599F66DDG799H112398H423H
  • QR8RD69VGGV7963214S79YBHJI96G4
  • AS589GF66247G563H23U88E5V5B4I8
  • AAS258G633E99823R8782QW7EGHJU
  • 228623WR9FF5S69787JI27411389AA

Wondershare Filmora 9/9.4 Activation Key

  • 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
  • 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
  • D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
  • FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808
  • 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E800
  • 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
  • 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
  • D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
  • CE8B0909EEC77B27DFEA94190F3A0223

Filmora 9 Activation Codes


Filmora Version 8 Registration Code

  • 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E800
  • 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
  • 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
  • FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808
  • D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19

Important Things to Note Before Activation

Important Things to Note Before Activation

However, what you have to pay attention to is, to activate not only using a code but also an email.

If the activation code you have is legal or actually purchased at Filmora, then you don’t need to worry about the code and also the licensed email used for activation.

It’s different if the code and email are not genuine or not legal. So you have to pay close attention.

Is the code from a secure website or not? how to register whether it will be detected later or not.

Besides that, you have to make sure that the code and email can work properly. When activating, what you need to pay attention to is the internet and also the anti-virus that you are using.

Turn off the internet first or don’t connect to the internet. Then, you should turn off your windows defender or antivirus. this is because many fail to activate because they are detected by the security system on your computer.

If detected, you will be asked to enter a code and also a legal email. If forced to not activate, then there will be a Wondershare Filmora watermark.

How to Remove the Watermark with the Latest Filmora Registration Code

After getting a collection of codes for registration in the Filmora application, now you can immediately try using them, guys.

So that your videos are clean of watermarks that are very disturbing to the eye and make the video look less attractive.

Here’s how to remove the Watermark with the latest applicable Filmora registration code:

  1. For the first step, please open the Filmora application and enter the purchase section then click Registration.
  2. Then you can immediately fill in the License Key and Registration code using one of the codes that we have shared before. If so, just click Registration.
  3. The Filmora application is fully unlocked and free from watermarks if the words “Wondershare Filmora has been registered” appear.
  4. Finished.

Please try the codes that we have shared one by one until the watermark is successfully removed, and also make sure the code has been entered correctly so that the registration process is carried out successfully.

The Final Word

This is a collection of codes or serial numbers that can be used to unlock the Filmora application, guys.

So that the Watermark does not appear on your videos when using the free service from the Filmora application.

Before trying the code, make sure the internet connection, whether the data plan or wifi you are using, the signal is strong and stable.

That’s all of our articles this time regarding the latest Filmora registration code. Hope this is useful and have fun trying it.

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