Free Clash Royale Accounts 2023 [Arena 11,12,13,14]

Apart from Clash of Clans or CoC, a mobile strategy game that is no less popular is Clash Royale. Clash Royale itself was also developed by the same developer as CoC, namely Super Cell.

This game is also popular and many players are hunting for a free Clash Royale account.

Yes, there are indeed many Clash Royale players who stop playing this game and give their accounts to other people.

Free Clash Royale Accounts [Arena 11,12,13,14]

Many of these accounts are god accounts, which have reached arenas 12, 13, 14 to 15. Below you can get a free CR account that no one else has used.

Overview of Clash Royale

Before we share the sultan’s Clash Royale account, we first discuss what the Clash Royale game is.

This is important for new players because they are usually the ones who are diligently hunting for free Clash Royale accounts that have not been used by other people at all.

Clash Royale was presented in 2016, by the same developer who developed the legendary game Clash of Clans.

Super Cell understood that Clash of Clans had almost lost its prestige, so they developed a new game that was more or less the same, namely Clash Royale.

Yes, this game does take the same theme as Clash of Clans, for example, you can see the heroes or characters in it.

The heroes in CoC and CR have the same design, there are even some similar hero names.

Not only in character, the gameplay is also similar, namely click-deploy. In Clash Royale, you have to install cards to be able to summon heroes.

You can place heroes at certain coordinates, to attack enemies or defend the kingdom from enemy attacks.

When you first play Clash Royale, not all cards are open. Hero cards will open gradually as you progress. It took a long time, so many players are looking for a free Clash Royale account.

Luckily, below we will share unused CR accounts for free and can be used immediately. You only need to enter the email and password, which are then used to log into the game.

Why Are Many Enthusiasts Free Clash Royale Accounts?

Why Are Many Enthusiasts Free Clash Royale Accounts

Why are so many CR players looking for free Clash Royale accounts that people haven’t taken yet?

As we all understand, it takes a long time to have a good account in Clash Royale. Not only time, costs are also needed for faster progress.

Because of this, many players are looking for shortcuts by hunting for free Clash Royale Arena 12 13 14 15 accounts. Accounts like this make it easier for players to win stage by stage in Clash Royale.

Luckily, now many players have retired and stopped playing this game. There are those who sell god accounts on various platforms, generally the Clash Royale group on FB, Telegram, Twitter, and the like.

There are also those who provide the free CR account for free, which you can get below.

Usually, the free Clash Royale account is already at a high level, which makes it easier for players to finish the game more quickly.

But remember, a high CR arena account will get opponents with high skills too. So if you want to use a high CR arena account, first make sure you understand how to play CR, so you don’t go down the arena again.

Collection of Free Clash Royale Accounts 2023

A free Clash Royale account that can be used will make it easier for you to play this game to a higher level.

There’s no need to start this game from the beginning, you can continue the struggle for the account that you got for free

So, in the following, will share several free Clash Royale accounts that you can play.

But remember, because this account has been published on the internet, several accounts have been taken and their passwords changed. This is what makes you unable to use it again when trying to log in.

because of that, you have to try one CR account so you know which one can be used, and which one can’t be used anymore

okay, here’s the account, Good luck huh..!!

1. CR Accounts Arena 3-8

CR Accounts Arena 3-8

[email protected]mami2112
[email protected]masterlouis
[email protected]22.04.2014
[email protected]urb2jnkcw2
[email protected]ecrin123
[email protected]wonderful

2. CR Accounts Arena 5-7

CR Accounts Arena 5-7

[email protected]babaconda
[email protected]ecrin123
[email protected]mami2112
[email protected]fatih123123
[email protected]Alikeremkaraytu1
[email protected]masterlouis
[email protected]raprapdelosreyes
[email protected]slavicka10
[email protected]d3132446

3. CR Accounts Arena 8-10

CR Accounts Arena 8-10

[email protected]strongtolentino
[email protected]857901237
[email protected]masterlouis
[email protected]wonderful
[email protected]urb2jnkcw2

4. CR Accounts Arena 11-14

CR Accounts Arena 11-14

[email protected]opsequesss0982
[email protected]5369848Jam
[email protected]8585sharon
[email protected]4986518534Aa
[email protected]Asd987654
[email protected]htet1996
[email protected]Alikeremkaraytu1
[email protected]05396852412
[email protected]Georgekhan01
[email protected]05384429715
[email protected]raprapdelosreyes
[email protected]09162937168
[email protected]asdzxcqwe123

How to Use a Clash Royale Account

How to use a free Clash Royale account is very easy, you just have to follow the tutorial below.

The free CR account consists of an email and password, which you can use to log in to the Clash Royale game.

Here’s how:

  1. Download Clash Royale.
  2. Open the game and log in using your email and password.
  3. Done, after a successful login, you can play the free account.


Many retired veterans give their Clash Royale accounts free of charge so that other players can use them.

You have to get it fast because many other players are also hunting for these free accounts.

Just try one by one which account you want. One person only uses one account, so many will get it. Hope you guys are lucky enough to get one of the free CR accounts.

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