1500+ Free COC Accounts [Clash of Clans TH 8 to 15] 2023

Want Free COC accounts with high TH? Continue to follow this post to get a free COC account that can be used immediately.

COC or Clash of Clans is a strategy game that is quite complicated to play. That’s why many players often look for instant ways to reach high levels by looking for ways to use a free COC account.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games, especially in Indonesia. The game developed by Supercells in 2012 can only be played via mobile phones on both Android and iOS.

Free COC Accounts [Clash of Clans TH 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13 and14]

Game Clash of Clans is a strategy game that aims to increase the Town Hall (TH) to the highest level. But unfortunately, going up to the next level takes quite a long time. Therefore, many people do the fast way by using the free COC account that we have prepared in this post.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game that is played to build a village, create troops and attack other villages to get resources. The goal of the game is to make sure your village has great defenses and alliances by upgrading buildings and troops.

In this game, players work to recruit troops and soldiers to be further developed to be better with the ability to kill. In addition, players also collect various types of resources which will later be used as materials to improve clan and defense-based abilities. It is at this stage that many players are impatient and fails to level up due to the long process.

Increasing the Town Hall (TH) to the highest level does require quite a long time. So many players choose the short way by buying a COC account. But you don’t have to bother buying it, because here a free COC account has been prepared especially for you.

Terms of Using a Free COC Account

The following Clash of Clans accounts is limited in number. So that everyone has the same opportunity to have a COC account, there are a number of terms and conditions that you must fulfill before using it. Here are some of them:

  • Trading of accounts in any form is prohibited.
  • Only use one account, nothing more.
  • Choose an account according to the desired TH level.
  • Immediately change the password after finding an account that has not been used by someone else.
  • Accounts must be properly maintained and cared for.
  • Accounts must not be wasted or left unattended.

The Latest Collection of Free COC Accounts 2022

Considering that the mobile gaming market is dominated by MOBA and battle royale games, Clash of Clans is no longer the main concern of mobile gamers. Precisely because of this, many COC accounts are distributed free of charge to anyone who wants them.

And the following is a collection of COC accounts that have been collected from various social media. You can choose an account with a town hall level 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,,13 even 14. The principle is first come first served. So, just choose the account you want:

1. Free COC Account TH 8

Free COC account TH 8

After upgrading TH to level 8, all your heroes and pets will get a +5 level boost. That means, you no longer need to use hero potions. Instead of waiting a long time to build a town hall from scratch, by using this free COC TH 8 account, you will save a lot of time!

Use the email and password provided to log in to the application.

[email protected]Ubrut768
[email protected]gaya789
[email protected]copyhit
[email protected]Unlimitidcard
[email protected]Yosensu213

2. Free COC Account TH 9

Free COC account TH 9

If you reach TH level 9, the overall theme of the town hall will change to dark gray with a red flag on top. So that you are not curious, now just select an account from the list below.

Keep in mind, considering that anyone can use these accounts, you have to be fast before someone else’s account is taken.

[email protected]githulocko252
[email protected]dashroblod002
[email protected]livastoumda
[email protected]crrospown213
[email protected]gomstour0993
[email protected]logsize141
[email protected]merticansor562
[email protected]lockerdly64
[email protected]cocalwaysme
[email protected]drmoopase

3. Free COC Account TH 10

Free COC account TH 10

By upgrading the town hall to a higher level, there are many perks or benefits that you can enjoy. One is to have a stronger army. With stronger troops, automatically the chances of success conquering other people’s bases will be higher.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately claim your account from the list below!

[email protected]sinsadness252
[email protected]diskopon345
[email protected]howtolove
[email protected]epicway3953
[email protected]eoruk@
[email protected]lockerclan357
[email protected]hdjeis@ij
[email protected]eriykd@3

4. Free COC Account TH 11

Free COC account TH 11

Want a town hall with a higher level? In the following table, there are a row of accounts that you can use. And for sure, the town hall level is definitely high. Besides that, TH level 11 has a theme that is no less cool. For those who are curious, just check the following table:

[email protected]Ubrut768
[email protected]Itmeko28
[email protected]gaya789
[email protected]ANDwhy<%>
[email protected]drake1576
[email protected]londown
[email protected]LoUdWoRmE
[email protected]CMdsoza
manonair&[email protected]goldwine
[email protected]Yosensu213

5. Free COC Account TH 12

Free COC account TH 12

TH 12 is the first TH to make a lot of renovations to the theme of the building. Guaranteed to make your base cooler. The good news is, you can easily get one of the free active COC accounts below.

Make sure to enter the password and email correctly so you can log in.

[email protected]ub@gm777
[email protected]tangidk47
[email protected]playernoob34
[email protected]higstone1101
[email protected]opcla2)0
[email protected]tamiya4WD
[email protected]rejind1a
[email protected]streamdfg54
[email protected]kartapsbg
[email protected]mfhc01

6. Free COC Account TH 13

Free COC account TH 13

Actually, you can quickly upgrade TH to the maximum level by using gems. Unfortunately, gems are very difficult to get. Well, you don’t need to be sad if your gems are lacking. Below is a collection of COC TH 13 full gems accounts.

Hurry up and get the account you want. Don’t forget, just pick one, okay?

[email protected]brad15
[email protected]buffalo
[email protected]Alpha1
[email protected]obayc^^5
[email protected]istexpead011
[email protected]wiaweyThon
[email protected]dokmancoc2019
[email protected]4201ik
[email protected]nysokk
[email protected]wILSO657

7. Free COC Account TH 14

Free COC account TH 14

Not everyone can enjoy the opportunity to play Clash of Clans TH 14, because you need to spend time and energy to get to the highest COC level. Luckily, this article also includes a free COC TH 14 account that will make dreams come true.

Simply by logging in using the following email and password, you can enjoy playing COC as a “king” with the highest town hall level:

[email protected]irvaniris91
[email protected]gusti1997
[email protected]1234eredgenton
[email protected]1212maulana
[email protected]haikal1994
[email protected]agustian12345
[email protected]febriaw4n
[email protected]doraem0n1212

8. Free Clash of Clans Account unknown to others

Free Clash of Clans account unknown to others

Since the details of some COC accounts are public, anyone can use them. Sometimes it’s hard to find free COC accounts that people haven’t used yet. If that’s the problem you’re having, it’s a good idea to try logging in with the following accounts.

Who knows there are some that have not been taken by others. After that, change your password so that other people don’t take it!

[email protected]12perialeyerex
[email protected]rebecca9909
[email protected]htwkuku678
[email protected]matrix4567
[email protected]neuroneomik99
[email protected]carlosredrigo651
[email protected]11linadelia
[email protected]2009ateniuminlan

9. Latest free COC Accounts 2023

Latest free COC account

All accounts have been taken, people? Relax, this article also provides a list of the latest free COC accounts for March 2022. Not many people know about the following accounts, so just enter your email and password into the Clash of Clans log-in field:

[email protected]twentycards120*
[email protected]a_w7700399
[email protected]petruktampan767
[email protected]hureniclas2k2
[email protected]wisnugraha17
[email protected]bud1saputr4
[email protected]chris29xxx
[email protected]cav0ldiandr
[email protected]22destin22
[email protected]rakeliths

10. Overseas free COC Account

Overseas free COC account

Indian and foreign COC accounts are actually not much different. However, by using a free overseas COC account, the chances of the account not being taken by someone else are relatively smaller.

Immediately, try to enter the following login details to find a COC account that is still active and has not changed its password:

[email protected]09257gtav
[email protected]pustaigriti
[email protected]adelyawinni5
[email protected]nuri6789
[email protected]kuskusman732
[email protected]alexucupnin
[email protected]allan.caln667
[email protected]mas.and1k4h
[email protected]fapetrik46
[email protected]Hh20041889Hh

11. Sultan’s free COC Account

Sultan's free COC account

Next is a list of free sultan COC accounts. The name of the sultan is not just a careless naming. It is called a sultan because these accounts have an abundance of gems. You can get these gems for free by using one of the following accounts:

[email protected]05386541123
[email protected]faranjit33
[email protected]proghoster
[email protected]niggabroo
[email protected]clashofclans
[email protected]Fibra41540
[email protected]Sali1955du
[email protected]guess997
[email protected]Zwtyrjlfybk55
[email protected]CHrist63

12. Today’s free COC Account that no one has taken yet

Today's free COC account that no one has taken yet

You could say the COC accounts that are included in this list are still “warm” and have no deception. Just try it yourself to find out which accounts are still active and which ones have been taken. Come on, claim it before someone else takes it!

[email protected]Nesagagawet
[email protected]cac4zntez
[email protected]powersilva
[email protected]omgrandrosk4
[email protected]Nandacocclan
[email protected]Asdfghjkl
[email protected]a_w7700399
[email protected]Naongoblog
[email protected]paruparu666
[email protected]knowme1234

13. Free COC account no deception

Free COC account no deception

If you have checked all the accounts above and it turns out that the results are nil, aka all accounts have been taken by someone. Please try an account from the following list. Who knows, you’re lucky and there’s a free COC account that hasn’t been used to this day.

Check the following list right away:

[email protected]tga26400
[email protected]Tiddosm333
[email protected]750102
[email protected]e2106383
[email protected]enzo2004
[email protected]coglan197111a
[email protected]FLOflo26
[email protected]sksskdi
[email protected]pl210455a1
[email protected]Q345571q

Tutorial Using a Free COC Account

Tutorial Using a Free COC Account

The majority of COC players will know how to use and log in with the information provided above. However, for those of you who are still newbies and are trying this game for the first time out of curiosity, it’s a good idea to follow the following tutorial.

In essence, after successfully logging in, immediately change the password. More details can be seen in the following steps:

  • Make sure the Clash of Clans application is installed on the cellphone. If not, please download it first on the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter the application. On the Login in Game COC page, enter your email and password in the fields provided.
  • If the login stage fails, try to repeat the process again. However, replace the account details with another account.
  • You can enjoy TH at the level according to your choice.

But if you have previously logged in, you need to log out of the account first. The following is how:

  • After success, tap the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Click the Connect menu at the top of the screen.
  • Then, press the Connected Accounts option.
  • Select the Exit menu on the menu that appears.


That’s the discussion for those of you who are looking for a supercell id free COC accounts that no one else knows about. Please use the account above for those of you who want to immediately have the maximum TH level. Hope it is useful!

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