100+ Working Free Facebook Accounts With Passwords [2023]

On this occasion, we want to share Free Facebook Accounts that can still log in to Facebook.

Apart from that, the Facebook account that we share for free is genuine. Many of his friends range from Indonesian friends to foreign friends.

Facebook is the single most popular friendship social networking application on the Google Play store.

Working Free Facebook Accounts With Passwords

In fact, the fame of social media that was born in 2004 has now been downloaded by more than 1 billion users.

Until now, the application made by American man Mark Zuckerberg is still at the top of the best-selling social media application charts.

On Facebook, we can share Photos, videos, notes, comments, Share Posts, and interact more.

In fact, thanks to the crowds of visitors and users in this application nicknamed FB, now almost all mobile games trust Facebook as a tool to protect and store game progress data so it doesn’t get lost.

That’s why now business people, gamers, and YouTubers use the Facebook social media platform as a place to do promotions and get a lot of engagement.

About Free FB Account

The Free FB Account that we will share, we get from the results of spreading Fake or Scampage pages with the main focus being the Free FF Facebook Account.

So, for those of you who can’t wait to take one of the many Free Facebook Accounts, please read this article to the end.

Apart from looking for a free fire Sultan account, I hope you can get a bonus ML sultan account for free FB login with lots of inventory starting from lots of skins, lots of diamonds, and battle points.

Terms and Conditions of Using Free FB Account

Terms and Conditions

Before entering the Benefit session which then proceeds to share hacked login data, usernames, emails, and Facebook passwords, you must first understand the following terms and conditions.

  • One reader or visitor may only take one FB account.
  • Please make sure that when you enter your account, you change the verification cellphone number and also email.
  • It cannot be used for any actions that harm others.
  • We will continue to update this account every month to keep it active
  • The average friend is a maximum of 5000 people
  • Can log into the Free Fire Sultan account
  • There are several accounts that can be linked to the MLBB Sultan Full Skin account
  • You can get a Free FF Login FB account without paying
  • The specifications in this FF or MLBB game are random

Uses of Free FB Accounts

Uses of Free FB Accounts

Before you start listening to the list of ready-to-use free FB accounts, which are definitely No Hoaxes, you can first see what the benefits are if we have lots of Phishing FB accounts.

1. Multiple Member Facebook Group

Usually, if you manage to get a fb account where there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of members, then you can use it for spam links such as website links, YouTube Chanel links, and even referral codes from there.

This is very profitable for us, of course, to get lots of visitors and we also get a lot of cash.

2. Fanspage Many Followers

Like FB Groups, the popularity of Fan Pages on FB is also very high.

Apart from being promotional material, Fanspage can also be monetized by creating gaming content in the form of live-streaming videos and so on.

3. FB many Targeted Friends

Have you ever managed Facebook and made friends with foreigners? If so, of course, we will be very lucky because the reach of the city has reached people in Europe or Asia outside of India.

We can spread the link to get opportunities in a very wide market again.

4. No Hassle Create a New Account

The process for registering a Facebook account is quite long and requires an email and telephone number for verification.

If you get a free FB account, we don’t need to bother setting up all the requirements.

5. Lots of Popular Games Related

Currently, several popular games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok Online, clash of Clans, Higgs Domino Island and Rp, and others games have given confidence to Facebook for their hookup tools.

So, if you can get a FB account, then you can check who knows if it contains a Free Fire account, lots of free and rare Bundles, or a complete Mobile Legends Skin.

Original Free FB Account Ready to Use [2023]

Even though it’s free, all of you should know that all free Facebook accounts ready to use in 2023 are still active so they can log in immediately.

Apart from that, another benefit of this free Facebook account is that you can link it to online games such as free fire, mobile legends, or others.

So, in the following, we will share a list of the latest original free FB accounts, which are still active and unused, see the list of account lists below.

#1. Newest Free FB Account [Original] 2023

For those of you who want a Facebook account this month, of course, it’s still very fresh, complete with email, password, username, or telephone number data, which can be changed as follows.

[email protected]DenMil973
[email protected]FTRH155rr
[email protected]4malia76
[email protected]4lik44us
[email protected]adiF1ansyah
[email protected]Broth3rS3ll
[email protected]12on13dit
[email protected]akMu7ad1
[email protected]p4tr4n0ma
[email protected]9id3on7

Of all the lists of accounts above, of course, they are still active and may not have been used by people, please write them down immediately.

#2. Free Facebook Accounts Today 2023

In addition to the Original Free FB account, of course, we also provide it for next month. Please claim the account below.

[email protected]l14nd1L
[email protected]93or9eP
[email protected]06793729
[email protected]7ubagu5ang
[email protected]v3rland14j
[email protected]Aj1b4rang
[email protected]903rmate
[email protected]l3monaru5
[email protected]BrainR3kt1
[email protected]4lb3rtinu5

Note: If one of the FB accounts that we have shared cannot log in, then it is very likely that the account is already being used by someone else.

So what are you waiting for, just write it down and choose which Facebook account you want to get for your own needs.

How to Secure a Free Facebook Account

The following is a procedure for changing Facebook data, starting from changing the email and also changing the cellphone number so that it cannot be recovered.

  1. First, you log in to your Facebook account which you can find in this article.
  2. Next, please go to Settings and Privacy.
  3. If so, select Privacy.
  4. Please edit your Name, Username, and Email contact, if you have clicked Save.
  5. Next, to change your number, enter the Cellular menu.
  6. If so, please change and add a new mobile number then verify.
  7. Finished.

Note: For stronger protection, please remove the 2-factor authentication and security that existed before.

How to Take Other People’s FB Accounts for Free

For those of you who want to have free Fire or mobile Legends Mythic accounts for free with lots of diamonds, then you can try the phishing method. Broadly speaking, you can see the following.

1. Prepare a Phishing Script

The Phishing Script is just like some of the FF Web Generators we have reviewed. For those who are used to coding PHP and HTML programming languages, you can make it yourself.

If you can’t, please download it on the internet with the Script keyword.

Don’t Forget to Edit the Login Info from Post to Get so that the data entered by the potential victim enters you.

2. Prepare Hosting to Be Visible on the Internet

If all the scripts are ready, all you have to do is prepare to host by buying hosting or searching the internet for free in the first year.

3. Enter the file into Cpanel update in Public_HTML

Finally, please enter the Script into Public_html so that it is visible from all other people’s browsers.

4. Share to Social Media

The final step is to capture lots of Free FB accounts, you just spread them on the Facebook accounts that you get in this post.

Important!!! If you have found the Sultan’s FF account, from the newest free FB account when checking, you can immediately change the login info.

FAQs on Free FB Accounts

How to get a free FB account?

To be able to get a free Facebook account is very easy, that is, you just have to look at the list above

For the original free FB account?

So, as explained, I will share a Facebook account that is ready to use in 2023.

Where you can have it yourself by looking at the collection of lists of Facebook accounts that I have shared before.


Thus for the discussion, this time regarding Free FB Accounts Still Active Unused, Newest Genuine which we can convey, thank you and hope this is useful. Best regards!

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