9999+ Garena Free Fire Accounts and Passwords [FREE! 2023]

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games. The number of downloads alone has reached hundreds of millions. Not surprisingly, many new players are looking for free Fire accounts so they can play it more easily.

Usually, they are looking for a free FF Sultan account, which has been top up by the millions by the owner.

You can be sure, the account is already a god, where the character’s skin and weapons are complete. Below you can get a FF account that is free and hasn’t been used at all.

Garena Free Fire Accounts and Passwords

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Overview of the Free Fire Game

Talking about popular mobile games, Free Fire certainly falls into that category. The battle royale game developed by Garena is indeed very popular, it can be compared to similar multi-platform games, such as PUBG and Fortnite.

For you new players, of course, you don’t understand what a battle royal game is. Battle Royal is a game genre, where players will fight each other online. The game is played online multiplayer, which requires a stable internet connection.

Free Fire is a first-person shooter game, which is closely related to its battle royal elements. So, there are around 50 players who will be deployed into a map. The 50 players have one mission, which is to be the only winner among them.

In this map, various weapons and combat equipment are provided, which can be put to good use. Every player must immediately take weapons and equipment to then plan attacks on other players.

Apart from the solo mode, there is also a team mode where players can play and work together with 3 other people. In essence, this game promises the typical excitement of a battle royale game, so many smartphone users play it.

The good news is that this game is also very user-friendly because it can run on devices with low specifications. Even though the graphic quality is not as good as rival games, Free Fire is still worth it to play.

Why are so many players looking for a free FF account?

So, why are so many looking for a free FF account? actually, Free Fire is a free game, you can download it from Google Play and the App Store. However, even though it’s free, there are in-app purchases in it, but it’s not mandatory, aka the obligation to buy it.

Yes, players can buy in-game items such as diamonds, weapon skins, character skins, and so on. In return, players who make purchases will get benefits that free players don’t get, namely faster progress.

So there’s no need to be surprised if paid players have full-skin Free Fire accounts, which free players won’t get at all. Yes, even though the skin doesn’t affect skills, paid skin can have its own effect, so it’s very profitable for players.

But there’s no need to be sad, now there are many unused Free Fire accounts abandoned by their owners. Usually, they give free FF accounts for free because they are bored and there are no more challenges in Free Fire.

There are several accounts that were donated, there are lots of free fire skin accounts, which can be called god accounts. Free players are of course very happy if they manage to get a free Free Fire account whose content is divine, from the skin and character.

So, for those of you who don’t want to spend any money on the Free Fire game but want to get an ff account, then you can try the free FF account below. You have to be fast, because below is a no-trick Free Fire account that hasn’t been used at all.

Free Fire Accounts Collection

Below we provide this call free Free Fire accounts, which is still original and hasn’t been used by anyone (if you’re lucky). Because there are so many who want it, you have to hurry, before someone else takes the account.

Usually, there is a Facebook login-free FF account and a Google login-free FF account which consists of an email address, email password and cellphone number. You absolutely need these three things if you want to log in to your Free Fire account successfully.

A. Free FF accounts based on Rank

Free Fire has a ranking system to classify which ones have good skills and which ones have mediocre skills. The better your skills and the more wins you get, the higher the rank you will get

This high rank is a special reward for Free Fire players. With a high rank, it can be proof that we are good at playing Free fire

So, here are some high-ranking FF accounts from silver to Grandmaster that you can try

1. Free Fire rank Grand Master Accounts 2023

Free Fire rank Grand Master Accounts

[email protected]sharma457
[email protected]proisah10
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]123456789
[email protected]9727709015da
drѕtrаngе 01@gm аіl.соm3569851426
[email protected]mars1699

2. Latest Heroic rank Free Fire account

Latest Heroic rank Free Fire account

[email protected]hiltonjanes77
[email protected]anggel123
[email protected]Jessnounlimited@32
[email protected]Ditha_emon
[email protected]@alya06
[email protected]Greg@killer1
[email protected]Nicolas77
[email protected]Gilang!001
[email protected]Kimbely90
[email protected]Mutasss0308

3. Free Fire rank Diamond account can be used

Free Fire rank Diamond account can be used

[email protected]ala1pelide
[email protected]isamadris88
[email protected]kaewr34
[email protected]Projhon07
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]katherine23
[email protected]Beralri27
[email protected]Anjeeta_sharma
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]sahuankit22

4. Free Fire rank Platinum account has not been used

Free Fire rank Platinum account has not been used

[email protected]loveme97
[email protected]4kuc1nt4d3w1
[email protected]marcel01
[email protected]@0607199022
[email protected]PasswordGian123
[email protected]indrafqo
[email protected]@loguabdull123
[email protected]mucool14
[email protected]Allex1997
[email protected]dexter452@

5. Free Fire rank Gold account has not been used

Free Fire rank Gold account has not been used

[email protected]@felix1996
[email protected]isa8as17
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]@zen123456
[email protected]ytsan1999
[email protected]devano113
[email protected]dandi65
[email protected]gaming182199
[email protected]jhonkelly@1
[email protected]katherine2005

6. The original Free Fire Free Silver rank account has not been used

The original Free Fire Free Silver rank account has not been used

[email protected]fabio@152
[email protected]@agungtech9
[email protected]@synta95
[email protected]shahrukh
[email protected]indrafqo
[email protected]expil@123
[email protected]monica1996
[email protected]@0607199022
[email protected]putrighea16

B. Sultan’s FF Account

Pride in free fire is not only obtained when you have a high rank. Having good skin or a limited edition is also a matter of pride for free-fire players. By using a cool set of skins, you will look more stylish when playing this game

There are many ways to get good skins and limited editions. one of them is by looking for a full skin-free fire sultan account. so if you get it, you can just use it as you wish.

1. Battery-Free Fire Sultan Fullskin

[email protected] Anjeeta_sharma
mаjоrkіng5@gmаіl.соm 55mаjоr55
mаrenа.gоya ng@gmail.соm jasamanga
[email protected]1234fatimah
[email protected]
[email protected]mepelaslavergachupala
[email protected]9727709015da
[email protected]indrafqo
[email protected]jonathan12
ѕеndо234@gmаіl.соm sendotolento123

2. The Original Sultan’s Free Fire Account Has Not Been Used

[email protected]09499535568
[email protected]cidliyMyne996
[email protected]ifixcvayGEM
[email protected]Aqamoinah
[email protected]mucool14
[email protected]expilvacgek6325
[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]lifsrix689
[email protected]edrapim693
[email protected]oftreps4968

3. Free Fire Top Global Badge Account

[email protected]18050000
[email protected]alfarid18
[email protected]jupiter132
[email protected]083126180573
[email protected]sendotolento123
[email protected]langkaoyang

4. Free Fire Elite Pass Account

[email protected]bangalek@123
[email protected]davidalarcon55
[email protected]adam@pro
cans- [email protected]auristella99
[email protected]aurora16
[email protected]calvin_ponna22
[email protected]agung@119
[email protected]rendy@14

C. FF Account Based on the login

The Free Fire developer makes it easy to access this Free Fire game. Anyone can log in using a Google account, Facebook account, vk account, etc. You can choose which option to use to log in.

So, here I will also share free Fire accounts and free logins to Facebook, Google, VK, etc. that you can use. Here is his account

1. Real FB / Facebook Login Free Fire account

FB E-MailPassword
[email protected]787787878da
[email protected]gian12345
[email protected]oiujou5
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]barewen22
[email protected]mepelas2345
[email protected]aa12345aa
[email protected]qwer134
[email protected]jonathan55
[email protected]oppo12345

2. Free Fire login VK Account

VK E-MailPassword
[email protected]emra007
[email protected]bradred93
[email protected]gondronggondring
[email protected]room96
[email protected]barbar19
[email protected]babaconda123
[email protected]aldia0998
[email protected]karangsuwung17
[email protected]aldiana9
[email protected]anak18061998

D. Free Free Fire Account based on Season

Just like games in general, which now use a season system. Free Fire also uses the same system. This season’s system is used by developers to maintain their games. The purpose of caring here is to provide regular updates to the games they make.

Updates are made so that the game is not left behind in performance and quality from other games. In addition, the game can also be adjusted so that the game becomes fairer and also balanced.

Apart from that, usually with a season the developers also issue a number of items that can be purchased by players. This item is classified as rare because it only appears once and will not appear again unless there is an event in question.

In Free Fire, these items are included in the Elite Pass, usually in the form of skins and several other items. Due to the rarity of the items that some players want to have by buying the Elite Pass.

But there are some who don’t want to buy an Elite Pass and decide to look for a free FF account based on the season that has an Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 1 Account

Free Fire Season 2 Account

Free Fire Season 3 Account

Free Fire Season 4 Account

Free Fire Season 5 Account

Free Fire Season 6 Account

Free Fire Season 7 Account

Free Fire Season 8 Account

Free Fire Season 9 Account

Free Fire Season 10 Account

Free Fire Season 11 Account

Free Fire Season 12 Account

Free Fire Season 13 Account

Free Fire Season 14 Account

Free Fire Season 15 Account

Free Fire Season 16 Account

Free Fire Season 17 Account

Free Fire Season 18 Account

Free Fire Season 19 Account

Free Fire Season 20 Account

Free Fire Season 21 Account

Free Fire Season 22 Account

Free Fire Season 23 Account

Free Fire Season 24 Account

Free Fire Season 25 Account

Free Fire Season 26 Account

Free Fire Season 27 Account

Free Fire Season 28 Account

Free Fire Season 29 Account

Free Fire Season 30 Account

Free Fire Season 31 Account

Why are there so many free FF accounts scattered and free for others to use?

Not always do people play FF, especially those who don’t have time to spare. Well, this is the reason that makes people donate to their accounts.

Even so, there are also FF veterans who retire and sell their ff accounts, usually on Facebook, IG, Itemku, Twitter, and so on.

The account can’t be used?

The account above is a collection of accounts from various FF Game owners and various sources. It cannot be denied that maybe the account password has been changed or the owner has taken it back

Apart from that, posting a free fire account like this will certainly allow everyone to access and know the username and password. If you are preceded by someone else, of course, the account you want to have can no longer be used

Therefore, the luck factor quite influences whether you will get an account or not. if you don’t find an account that can’t be used, please comment below

How to use the account?

There are many ways to enter a Free Fire account, according to the login. There is a free Fire account, VK login, FB login, free Gmail accounts, etc. How to use it is as follows:

  1. Open Free Fire, and make sure you haven’t logged in through anything.
  2. In the main view of FF, there is an option to Sign In using FB, Google, Guest, VK, and so on.
  3. Then select according to the account you get
  4. Next, enter your email and password
  5. Done, you have successfully logged in to a Free FF Account

Alternative Ways to Get a Full Skin FF Account

if you are unlucky to get the Free Fire account that I have shared above. Maybe you can try some of the following alternative methods

1. Follow the Giveaway

The giveaway trend is currently quite busy on all social media, be it YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. With a giveaway, there are two parties who will benefit. The creator of the giveaway will usually get followers, then you will get an account (if you are lucky)

Usually, there are lots of Free Fire YouTuber channels that often share free accounts. You can use this to get a Free Fire account. Of course, to take part in the giveaway, you have to fulfill certain conditions, depending on the giveaway maker

Even though not all giveaways are account prizes, you can also get free diamonds or other prizes

2. Hack FF Accounts

This is one way to get a Free Fire account, but of course, I don’t recommend this method. This is the wrong way to get a free fire account because this is the same as you helping their account

So, of course, you have to forget about this method, because just hacking an account is already difficult. It takes a high skill so you can get the account

3. Buy it at the person who will be playing FF

Even though this is not a way to get an account for free, at least you can get a Free Fire account at a low price.

There are lots of reasons why someone retires to play this one game. It could be due to work factors or other busy factors. This of course makes the player inevitably have to leave this favorite game

Instead of the account being idle because it was abandoned, you can ask for it to be sold. As usual, due to the retirement factor, the account will usually be priced fairly cheaply. You can buy the account on Facebook or the marketplace


Many are hunting for a free FF account, hoping that the account is a free ff account where all the skins have been unlocked. You can try the various free Free Fire accounts above, who knows you’ll be lucky and get the best FF account.

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