Unused Free Freepik Premium Accounts [2023] Email & Password

Hello, readers, now the accounts ocean will share with you free freepik premium accounts. For those of you who are familiar with the world of design, you must already know about this freepik site.

In order to get more varied designs or layouts, you must have a premium account.

Meanwhile, to create a premium account, you have to pay, bro. Admin knows that we, +62 residents, definitely like free stuff. Therefore the admin will share this account for free to use.

Unused Free Freepik Premium Accounts [Email & Password]

But before that, we will first discuss freepik in general. So that readers who are new to Freepik can be even more familiar.

So far, Freepik has been developed into two, namely in the form of software and also a website.

Next, the admin calls it just an application, bro. Freeepik provides various graphic designs in the form of vectors, PSD, icons, and photos.

So through this application, you can get a basic design that you can edit again using the Freepik application itself or another application.

Usually, the admin often downloads the brochure graphic design and then makes it the basis and edits it again with Adobe. The image quality is very good and not broken.

Instead of bothering to make a design from scratch, it’s easier to download a graphic design from Freepik and polish it again as needed.

Share Unused Freepik Premium Accounts

For those of you who work as graphic designers, it is very important to have a freepik premium account. With this premium account, your work in graphic design will be easier.

Better design results and faster workmanship. Layouts have been provided and are available in various types with current models.

If you have ever visited the freepik website, there are more than 80,000 graphic designs uploaded every month. But not all images can be downloaded, bro.

There are some files that are deliberately only downloadable by premium account owners. So with a premium account, you will get the excess. Check the best pictures on freepik.com.

List of the Latest Free Freepik Premium Accounts 2023

The premium Freepik account or the pro version is being hunted by design lovers, with different display images and wallpapers, it is certain that many free pro freepik accounts are looking for them.

Therefore, here are freepik premium accounts that have not been used:

[email protected]1010menang
[email protected]5tug9j3Q
[email protected]C4uSz8TE
[email protected]GLan73C9
[email protected]mandy123
[email protected]8R7eBsuX
[email protected]Vduebrs2
[email protected]ABpqGKV9
[email protected]batman8457
[email protected]Ckt4QWAv
[email protected]STB7jKuF
[email protected]Rq3gPvaq
[email protected]Sweets30
[email protected]Pacolito49
[email protected]p2bhg67
[email protected]9493south
[email protected]embpainter
[email protected]ootwolate
[email protected]Silky1999
[email protected]KPx8cjnE
[email protected]tPQa6hMR

Download Vector Free at Freepik

Before admins share free premium accounts, please note that we can also get vectors or free images from freepik.

This method can be done when the account that the admin shared above has been used by someone else and the password has been changed to a new one.

Check out the steps below to get a free graphic design from freepick.

  1. To make it easier, please practice using a laptop or PC. Don’t forget your internet connection must be in on mode.
  2. After the device is ready to use, open the browser and visit the site freepik.com
  3. On the main page, you will be presented with a search field that is very clear. There are also several menus and you can ignore them.
  4. Focus on the search field and type what type of vector you need. Please write in English, bro, so that the image displayed is appropriate. It’s understandable that this website is from outside Indo and will respond appropriately using the international language, namely English.
  5. Admin gives an example, Banner. Then various types of graphic designs or vector banners will come out. If you want to focus more on the search, you can click the arrow next to the send search field.
  6. OK, admin, I think you’ve found the vector image you’re looking for.
  7. Then click the vector that will be downloaded. Info, usually vectors with a yellow symbol on the top left are paid, which means you can’t get them for free. So if you want a free download, choose a vector that doesn’t have a yellow logo.
  8. After clicking, the vector will open. Then a download menu option will appear on the right. Please click.
  9. Then a notification appears whether you will download it for free or premium download. Select free downloads.
  10. Click ok, then the vector will be processed for download.
  11. Wait for the download process to finish and check the files in the download folder on your laptop.
  12. Done, the vector is ready to use.

How to Download Free Vector Premium on Freepik

In the next review, the admin will provide a tutorial on how to download premium vectors on Freepik for free.

You can also use this method when you don’t have the free premium account that the admin shared.

Paid premium vectors are usually marked with a yellowish-gold logo at the top, bro. The shape is similar to a crown. Later, please check yourself at freepik.com for more details.

We can download these premium images through the features provided by Freepik itself.

It’s just that Freepik provides a time limit for these premium vectors, which is only 24 hours. if it’s more than that, the vector can’t be opened or reused.

Please look for the freebies feature or you can immediately click on the vector with the gold logo. Then you will be directed to the download link with the notification “Free Download the next 24 hours”.

Click free download then you will get a vector file in the form of a zip. Just extract it, and the vector is ready to be edited.

How to Use Vector Freepik

If you have successfully downloaded several vectors from freepik, for the next step the vectors are ready to be edited using an editor application.

You can use Adobe Photoshop, Corel, or other commonly used image editing applications.

The method is very easy, please open the image editing application then add or drag the vector that has been downloaded to the application. Next, please be as creative as you wish.

The vector file that has been downloaded is the same as the other image files.

So there is no special treatment or trick to edit the graphic design from this freepik. when the design is finished editing, then click save as to save the file with a new name.

Vector editing results that have a larger composition at the time before being edited, have the potential to be detected by copyright, especially if they are shared on the internet.

So the admin’s suggestion is to edit as well and creatively as possible so that the basic background is less than your creation.


That’s enough for freepik premium account reviews, I hope this is useful, and good luck. Thank you for reading our article to the end.

Admin is a professional blogger and tech geek from the last 8 years, also has knowledge in digital marketing, computer, mobile, and so on. Completed MTech from a well known IT institute in India.

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