Free Genshin Impact Accounts [High Level & 5 Star 2023]

Howdy, gamers in this article, we are going to share with you free genshin impact accounts with 5 stars. So, let’s get started…

Genshin Impact is a free game in the Action RPG genre. Even though it’s free, the Genshin Impact account that you play with can be paid if you want to make your game character stronger.

This game is set in a fantasy world called Teyvat. Teyvat is a world of 7 different countries. Each country is associated with different elements and led by different gods.

Tells the story of a traveler who has crossed various worlds with his twin brother, before being separated in Teyvat.

Free Genshin Impact Accounts [High Level & 5 Star]

Traveler goes on a journey to find his missing twin with his partner, Paimon. In the end, they got into trouble with enagar in Teyvat.

Why are people looking for a free Genshin Impact account?

Geshin Impact has the same game techniques as most games at this time. They can be downloaded for free through application marketplaces such as the Google Play Store and the App Store. Even so, this game is not 100% free.

Not 100% free in the sense that those of you who want to make games paid can. But if you want non-paid games, you can too. Of course, you already know the name of this paid feature, which is Top Up.

Top Up functions to get rare items in a game, in this case, the Gensin Impact game. Top Up in Genshin Impact can get a number of Genesis Crystals that can be used for pro.

Unfortunately Top Up is certainly not cheap for some people. So some people who want to play Genshin Impact without a top-up but want to have an account that can be considered a sultan is to find a free account that is not used via the internet.

Collection of Free Genshin Impact Accounts 2023

Collection of Free Genshin Impact Accounts

As previously discussed, the free account below has many rare in-game items which are of course useful for progressing the Genshin Impact game.

The Genshin Impact account, which is so, has shared the following that has been topped up several times and has many interesting things.

How to Use a Free Genshin Impact Account?

You can check the validity of the account that we sharing by logging in to the game. But make sure you have logged out from all other Genshin Impact accounts, OK?

If you have logged out of all accounts, later when you open Genshin Impact again you can enter the login menu from the beginning and enter your email data and free account password that shared.

That’s the only way to use the Genshin Impact account. It’s easy?


  • One Genshin Impact game account can only be used by one device. So if you try to log in with the Greeks account that accountsocean shared but you can’t, then that account has been taken by another player.
  • Immediately change the account password, if you get a working account. So that your account is safe even if you one day log out or uninstall the game.

Good luck and you can get a free Genshin Impact sultan account from the list that has been shared by Accountsocean.

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