35+ Free Growtopia Accounts [Pro Active Entry 2023]

Howdy gamers, in this article we are going to share the latest free growtopia accounts with pro active entry.

Growtopia is a 2D Sandbox MMO game where the entire game is elements that grow from tree seeds. This game focuses on mining, building, and trading with NPCs, much the same as Minecraft.

The difference is that progress in this game is long enough that many people are looking for a free Growtopia account.

Having a Growtopia account that is of good quality allows the owner to make real money from the Growtopia game.

Free accounts generally have a lot of WL which can be converted into quite a lot of DL. So later the DL generated from your account can be exchanged for real money.

Free Growtopia Accounts [Sultan Pro Active Entry]

However, as previously explained by accountsocean, the progress in this game takes quite a long time. So collecting WL to be converted into WL will also feel very long.

Therefore it will be easier if you use the Growtopia Free Account which already has enough items in it.

Free Growtopia Accounts Collection

In the following, we have several lists of free Growtopia accounts that are no longer used. But have a quality account that is already good and large enough.

But make sure you have experience playing Growtopia, so you don’t get confused when using an older account.

#1. Latest Growtopia Sultan Account

Latest Growtopia Sultan Account

The free Growtopia account below has many rare and certainly valuable game items. Therefore the account below is referred to as the sultan’s account. The structure of this account is also quite large.

  • Growtopiatopia ID : Shad0wing
    Password : Rzor
  • Growtopiatopia ID : AbiyuProZS
    Password : Two
  • Growtopia ID : Kenyot12
    Password : Kenarellano187
  • Growtopia ID : Putakayo
    Password : Gago12345
  • Growtopia ID : amangkecap
    Password : amangpcc
  • Growtopia ID : haxtry
    Password : johan123
  • Growtopiatopia ID : panji@66
    Password : Bakarayo#
  • Growtopiatopia ID : 11Arka21
    Password : ste3lengine
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Growtopiaup_22
    Password : bonanzapikacu
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Booster275
    Password : jiksung0099

#2. Growtopia Account Level Is Already High

Growtopia Account Level Is Already High 

A Growtopia account that already has all the features in it. The game level in the free Growtopia account list below is also high.

So you don’t bother too much anymore to raise the level from the start. Because as you all know leveling up in Growtopia is quite long.

  • Growtopiatopia ID : NiaNio555
    Password : ComangMX
  • Growtopia ID : mohd13xd
    Password : mohd13
  • Growtopia ID : F4rhangt
    Password : Farhangaming
  • Growtopia ID : Kuypalm
    Password : 123456789
  • Growtopia ID : realmrtgl
    Password : good
  • Growtopia ID : Marchell23
    Password : Lim03
  • Growtopia ID : Februarita11
    Password : Natasya05
  • Growtopia ID : farhan876
    Password : farhanbroody
  • Growtopia ID : Rizky03
    Password : 54320
  • Growtopia ID : yosia1234kdkd
    Password : yosia123

#3. Free Growtopia Pro Account

Free Growtopia Pro Account

Growtopia players can be considered pro or not depending on how long they play. Because the longer you play the Growtopia game, the game account will also have high game progress.

You can get all of these advantages by using the free Growtopia account below.

  • Growtopiatopia ID : TheBBS
    Password : LM10
  • Growtopia ID : RockSejati
    Password : Firers
  • Growtopia ID : Faris6b
    Password : Fariz12345
  • Growtopiatopia ID: Oranggdevil1
    Password: Irondevill
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Agungsuper99
    Password : agung
  • Growtopiatopia ID: Farelviper
    Password: 9876
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Indra66
    Password : Pencil

#4. Special Growtopia Account

Special Growtopia Account

The Growtopia free account below has a lot of good stuff. From digging equipment, and materials, to the structures that are owned in this account are very good.

That way you can play the game without having to level up and farm hard from the start.

  • Growtopiatopia ID : GT07GT
    Password : Papaku
  • Growtopiatopia ID: BapakPolisi
    Password: Garuda
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Plonco22
    Password : 12456aqv
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Indra77
    Password : Ruler
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Polwan87
    Password : Syantik
  • Growtopiatopia ID : Farelviper22
    Password : barbar55
  • Growtopiatopia ID : nina78
    Password : mukbang@44
  • Growtopia ID : TheKillerJr
    Password : 156JKP156
  • Growtopia ID : SukmaGirl
    Password : cantik
  • Grow ID : Marchellio
    Password : Matthew23
  • Grow ID : Meita11
    Password : Natasya05
  • Grow ID : RaffaelCBS
    Password : g1l2n5
  • Grow ID : always susetia
    Password : ninewol65
  • Grow ID : yuvensius
    Password : ilusilah789

How to Use Growtopia Free Account?

You can use a free account that has been shared accountsocean by logging into that account.

To log into the accounts above is very easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Growtopia game.
  2. When you are on the main Growtopia game page, then select the Play Online menu.
  3. Next, a new page will appear, then tick the I Have a GrowID option.
  4. If you have, all you have to do is enter the ID and password for the free account that has been shared by accountsocean.com on the platform that has been provided.
  5. Make sure the Grow ID and password you entered are correct.
  6. Finally, just tap the Connect button to enter the account you chose.


That’s how to log in to the free Growtopia account that has been shared by accountsocean.com.

If when you try to log in, but it turns out that the account cannot be used, it means that the account has already been used by another Growtopia player.

So good luck and get one of the free accounts.

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