Free Knight Online Accounts and Passwords [2023]

Knight Online game, which was released in 2002 by my huge game share and publishing company NTTGame and a few other companies, has met a huge player base since its release.

And Free Knight Online Accounts have become a very popular research topic because there are many people who love the game. has succeeded.

Knight Online game, where you can log in with Free Knight Online Accounts and have fun, was a completely unique game in the first years of its release and for this reason, it has managed to become very popular.

Free Knight Online Accounts and Passwords

If you wish, before giving away Free Knight Online Accounts, what is Knight Online? How to play Knight Online? Why should I use Free Knight Online Accounts? Let’s talk about the titles.

What is Knight Online?

Knight Online is a massively multiplayer online game, with which you will log in with Free Knight Online Accounts.

In the first years, the game could be played completely free of charge on the Web browser, but now the Knight Online game, which is also released on Steam, can now be played on Steam completely free of charge. Although the Knight Online game was released in 2002, it was released on Steam in 2016.

Although the release date on Steam is late, it has been a very good step in terms of the fate of the Knight Online game.

Because it is now very old and most people do not play games over the Web browser anymore, but with the re-release on Steam, the game came to the minds of the players again and regained its former popularity.

The game is played by everyone, young and old, the graphics are not as advanced as the new generation games, but everyone loved the Knight Online game so they can log in and play with their Free Knight Online Accounts.

The game is still getting a lot of updates, which has been a very effective step to keep game lovers in the game.

In addition, the Knight Online game is similar to Metin 2 game, which was released after it, if you want to get information about Metin 2 game, you can visit our Metin 2 Free Accounts article.

How to Play Knight Online?

Now let me talk about the Knight Online game, where you can log in with Free Knight Online Accounts and have a lot of fun. There are 19 servers in total in the game, of course, these servers can also increase with future updates.

The game will ask you to choose a race when you log in. Then you need to log in to one of the 19 active servers. After logging into the server, you can start the increment game.

If you want, let me tell you a little bit about which race you can choose and which race we recommend to start the game with.

Knight Online Character

Knight Online Character

There are 4 different characters, namely races, in the game. This race selection is very important for your future in the game. These breeds are as follows:

#1. Warriors:

They are imposing and very aggressive in appearance. Also known as a tank character. Their damage is satisfactory, but they have a lot of armor, so it can be a good choice.

#2. Mages:

This race is called a mage. They deal massive area damage and have good damage and are very useful when farming, but they did a little easier because their armor level is not very good, so it has become a race that is not preferred much.

#3. Priests:

Its damage and armor are not very good, but it is officially a must-have character in a war because this character’s feature is to give life to teammates in battles, and for this reason, it works very well.

#4. Roqueler:

This race, which is referred to as the Scepter and the Archer, is known as the most preferred race in the Indian server.

Their damage is quite impressive and their armor is also adequate. If you want to start the game by choosing this race, after choosing the character, increase the 2nd and 3rd abilities from the table on the right.

The race we recommend as the starting character of the game is Warriors because you have just started the game and you need to solve the game a bit and you will participate in many battles while you are learning the game.

What is Knight Online Cash?

The goal of Knight Online Cash in the Knight Online game, where you will log in with Free Knight Online Accounts and have a great time, is used for premium purchases in the game.

With Knight Online Cash, if you buy some premium items in the game’s PowerUpStore with this Knight Online

Cash, it is both more affordable in terms of price and provides a lot of convenience in purchasing. Farming or leveling up is not the only goal in the game, but appearance is just as important as contracting.

When you log into the game with Free Knight Online Accounts, when you start to become a well-known player, of course, you do not want to be known for a character with a bad image, in this case, you can use Knight Online Cash to make your appearance more impressive.

Free Knight Online Accounts 2023


FAQs on Free Knight Online Accounts

  • How to unblock Knight Online items locked accounts?

If you bought a free Knight Online account or got it for free, but you saw that some items were locked in the account you bought, and you are thinking what can I do to unlock these items; If you pay for those items, that is, if you do the tasks where those items fall, the items will be unlocked.

  •  How do I retrieve Knight Online old accounts?

If you are a former Knight Online player and you have sold your old account, but you want to have a Knight Online legendary account again; You can buy Knight Online from old legendary accounts for a fee through a reliable site established for the sale of Knight Online.

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