Free Ninja Heroes Accounts [Ninja SSS, Gold, VIP 6+] 2023

We all know that the popularity of Ninja Heroes has increased again. Many veteran players are playing again, and of course, there are also many new players who are joining the celebrations.

But sometimes, for veteran players who forget their NH account, using a Free Ninja Heroes account is the quickest way not to repeat it.

Not only veterans who forget accounts, new players also use Free Ninja Heroes accounts so they can experience ninja SSS, SS (such as Madara, SPO, SPM, Nine Tails Naruto, Hashirama, Mangekyou Sasuke etc.) or high-level accounts, big CP, VIP height, etc.

Free Ninja Heroes Accounts [Ninja SSS, Gold, VIP 6+]

As we know, a Ninja Heroes account that has Ninja SSS, VIP 12, Level 100, and CP 30k++ requires a lot of time and money, it can be years and millions of dollars you have to spend.

yeah, in the end, the Free Ninja Heroes account that has SSS, VIP, etc. is the alternative to feeling how GG has an account like that.

Before logging in to the Free Ninja Heroes Account, we’ll briefly discuss what a GG Ninja Heroes Account is.

Ninja Heroes GG Account Definition

In my opinion, Ninja Heroes, which is called GG, is seen for their high Combat power. Combat power is your main ninja strength parameter from the accumulation of various aspects, such as ninja class, ninja type, skills, etc.

When you already have a Ninja Heroes account whose Combat power is already 20k++, you can say GG.

Especially those that have Rawarontek, CS & Clay / Gate S. The average Ninja Heroes account with these specifications will be the target of free Ninja Heroes players.

Then what are the things that can make a Ninja Heroes account more GG (increase CP)?

1. Ninja


In ninja heroes, there are Ninja D, C, B, A, S, SS, and you can upgrade to the SSS class. The higher the class, the higher the power rating and the more powerful it is. Especially those who have soul fusion +5

In addition, the level of the ninja is also very influential. The higher the level, of course, the stronger

Ninja SSS in Ninja Heroes

  • Otsutsuki Isshiki
  • Byron Naruto
  • Otsutsuki Kaguya
  • Rinegan Sasuke
  • Boruto Karma Mode
  • Kawaki
  • Otsutsuki Momoshiki
  • Koji bone
  • Sage Mitsuki
  • Uchiha Sarada

Ninja SS in Ninja Heroes

  • Madara
  • Six Path Madara
  • Six Path Obito
  • Nine Tails Naruto
  • Mangekyou Sasuke
  • Hasirama
  • Tobirama
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi
  • Minato Namikaze

These high-class ninjas will probably increase even more considering that now updates are often carried out following the developments of the Anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

2. Equipment


Equipment such as weapons, vests, helmets & shoes also greatly affect damage, defense, HP & agility. The higher the Equipment class (eg ss), the higher the power will be.

What’s more, if it’s been refined, its power can increase 2x, that way the ninja you have can also be invincible.

3. Skill


There are lots of skills that you can pair with your ninja. But of course, you have to choose skills so that they can be more powerful for your ninja, so you can’t mix skills arbitrarily.

Of course, the higher the class the greater the damage, don’t forget to use skills with chakra that match your ninja, to make it more efficient.

there are also skills from Summon and Tailed Beast. In order for these two skills to be even more GG, of course, look for one that fits your chakra & has high damage.

4. Deploy


Deploying on ninja heroes is very helpful in increasing the amount of Combat power. This is because deploying itself can increase the percentage of damage power, HP, agility, and defense.

The most GG deployment currently available is the Rawarontek / RR Model where your HP presentation is +31%.

So if this is combined with CS skills, then you will feel the HP bar is 0 during the fight but you can still play.

5. Combat Power

Combat Power

Combat Power or strength when fighting is how strong the Ninja team you use while playing.

f your Combat Power is small, you will often lose when playing, but if your Combat Power is high, you will not encounter any problems while playing.

This Combat Power is influenced by several things such as the Ninja title (D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS).

The higher the Ninja title, the more Combat Power can also increase. Next is Equipment, Skill, and Deploy with explanations as previously discussed.

More or less, those are the details of the Ninja Heroes account, which can be said to be GG. So, now is the time for us to continue discussing the Free Ninja Heroes Account.

Most of the free accounts that distributes must-have criteria that can make a Ninja Heroes New Era account called a GG with Ninja and high-tier skills, as well as solid Equipment and Deployment.

Ninja Heroes Free Account Details

Below is the Free Ninja Heroes Account, which of course already has SSS ninja, Level 100, VIP 6+, has a lot of gold or something. If you do the math, the total servers that can be played are actually more than 400, right?

It should be noted that many people will read this article, so this will also rely on luck, whether you get a good account or not. but I guarantee that on average there is Ninja SSS.

Apart from being lucky to get a good account or not, a first-come-first-served system also applies.

So if there is a free Ninja Heroes account that can no longer be used, it means that the account is already being used by another player, and you lose fast.

even if you can’t get a Ninja Heroes to the account that is Sultan, GG, or whatever, at least you have an account for gacha ninja fun on AC (Advanced Capture). So that you can hone your skill level.

231+ Free Ninja Heroes Accounts

Okay, guys, go to the sharing section of the Free Ninja Heroes account. some of the accounts below must have SSS ninja, pure SS Ninja, VIP 6+, Level 100, or something else (at least in every account there is an S ninja who is GG).

Anyway, if you’re lucky, you can get more GG bye.

Note! : Because in each Login Account there are on average many servers that are played at once, the total account can be 231 more (more). So don’t misunderstand the title.

A. Free Ninja Heroes Account Via Username

just go straight to this without further ado on his Free Ninja Heroes Account. One person just takes one account, so other players can get it.

UsernamePasswordMain Server

B. Ninja Heroes Free Account Via E-Mail

Immediately, you brush all the free Ninja Heroes New Era accounts below. Because the number is limited, only use one account for one person.

[email protected]alicepro1999
[email protected]aa12345aa
[email protected]isa8as17
[email protected]kayra77@pro
[email protected]jhoncofey62
[email protected]elivia1998
[email protected]4kuc1nt4dew1
[email protected]surosoedi
[email protected]@0607199022
[email protected]fatimah1234
[email protected]seriously18
[email protected]proff123
[email protected]shahrukh

C. New Era Ninja Heroes Accounts 2023

After you understand the gameplay of this game, we have also prepared a Free Ninja Heroes New Era Account. By using this Sultan account, it will make it easier for you to complete the game.

Because Sultan’s account usually has a lot of items in it, here is a collection of accounts that you can try.

Free level 100 Ninja Heroes Account

  • Username : renaldi2552
  • Password : myloveyou

Free Ninja Heroes VIP 12 SSS Account

  • Username : chainsawman1
  • Password : iamking524

Pure Ninja Heroes SSS Account (100% authentic) Free

  • Username : lovecoco4
  • Password : 4cocotime4

Ninja Heroes account unlock nine tails Naruto Free

  • Username : uberman5
  • Password : 5459423845

Free S level Ninja Heroes Account 

  • Username : danielset95
  • Password : lanadannes4

Free Unlimited Gold Ninja Heroes Account

  • Username: celebi31
  • Password: celebi31

Ninja Heroes account unlock all VIP levels until the end

  • Username : bestpolar7
  • Password : imperfect123

How to Login to Ninja Heroes Reborn?

for how to log in to a free Ninja Heroes account, this is of course very easy. there is nothing different from logging in to other Ninja Heroes accounts. How to?

  1. Open your Ninja Heroes Reborn
  2. Enter your Username & Password (please choose one from the list above)
  3. After logging in, then select the server you want to play on. You can follow the information in the list above / it can also be random
  4. Please enjoy the Free Ninja Heroes account

How to Use Ninja Heroes Game Account?

If you have managed to get the login above, then all you have to do is just use the account. In the following, we have prepared a way to log in and register for an account in the Ninja Heroes game.

  1. First of all, download the game first on the link that we have provided ( HERE ) or you can directly visit PlayStore
  2. Next, you install the game
  3. Then login or enter the game
  4. So after that, just use the account above, choose one of them
  5. Make sure that the username and password entered are correct
  6. After that, just click enter now or login
  7. Then you can immediately play the game at a high level
  8. Finished


Some of the accounts that shared above also have Ninja Heroes New Era accounts with the latest characters from the Boruto era.

But deliberately mixed together to make it fairer, because there are so few of them. Hope you are one of the lucky ones…

So that’s the newest Free Ninja Heroes reborn account. Please enjoy the Ninja Heroes account, which has Ninja SSS, high VIP, lots of gold, etc.

But you need to realize that the account is of course used/scrambled with other people. So your luck will be much needed.

Please share & comment, please bring it, that’s all..

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