27+ Latest Free PES Mobile Accounts [Can Be Used 2023]

Before discussing free PES Mobile accounts, you all know that soccer is a very popular sport.

From kindergarten children who just learned how to walk, to gentlemen who were very euphoric at the World Cup nobar.

It doesn’t stop there, women are also not left behind in the excitement of this foot sport.

Latest Free PES Mobile Accounts Can Be Used (Legends Iconic)

The popularity of this sport has made video game developers develop virtual games. One of the famous soccer games is PES Mobile.

Similar to the original version in the real world, this game also received tremendous enthusiasm from fans.

This can be proven by the number of downloads on the Play Store, which are more than 100 million. Moreover, this game can be downloaded for free.

Even though it can be downloaded for free, the game still applies the paid concept to speed up game progress.

The price to speed up the game is quite expensive, so many are looking for a free PES account, like that which will be shared by accountsocean.com below.

Free PES Mobile Account Collection

The account provided below uses the KONAMI account intermediary. So the account transfer process will be easier.

You can try it, and once there is an account that can be used, you should immediately change the password so that it is not claimed by other players.

Due to the limited number of accounts, it is hoped that one person will only use one account provided by accountsocean.com. Don’t be a greedy person and take on multiple accounts at once.

1. Sultan’s Account

Sultan's Account

This free PES Mobile account has a huge amount of GP and myClub Coins. For GP there are up to 1 million. While there are up to 3000 coins.

Maybe the player cards are a little classy but you can use GP and this abundance of coins for pro for all players.

With the accounts below, you can have abundant in-game currency while still having high OVR players.

[email protected]apesyoga21
[email protected]miripronaldo21
[email protected]ggmu1972
[email protected]yogapes7689
[email protected]akunpesyoga123
[email protected]peshernandez21
[email protected]sungokong31

Get Also:

2. Full POTW Account

Full POTW Account 

POTW is a type of player card that has good quality. POTW itself is short for Player Of The Week. The following is a list of PES Mobile Free Full POTW accounts:

[email protected]syahripyoga21
[email protected]gwganteng21
[email protected]gamepes8899
[email protected]yogagammer30
[email protected]romesi21
[email protected]r7engshu
[email protected]makingg1276
[email protected]akugamer7890
[email protected]ngepesdulu999
[email protected]pesakun8899

3. Full Legends account

Full Legends account

Legends-type cards are the second rarest cards after Iconic Moment Cards. This type of player can be said to be very rare to have.

So having several legendary players at the same time in one account will make the prestige of the account higher and the chances of winning playing can be greater.

But winning and losing also depends on your skills, not necessarily a full legends player and the game becomes easy.

You can get this rare player for free from the PES Mobile Free Full Legends to account below:

[email protected]dykayoga76
[email protected]pesagenk27aman
[email protected]kangpulber12345
[email protected]Pes2018mobilegaming
[email protected]pesgaming1
[email protected]pesgaming2

4. Full Iconic Account

Full Legends account

Here comes an account with the rarest type of player, Iconic Moment. This card can only be obtained by drawing which of course requires a lot of coins or GP to get Iconic Moment-type players. Immediately, you brush the Free Full Iconic PES Mobile Account below:

[email protected]pesgame8899
[email protected]pesgame9988
[email protected]akunutama3
[email protected]akunpeslagi213809
[email protected]akunpesgg1945
[email protected]akunpeske2

5. Special Account

You could say that this account is the most special because it has the same number of Iconic players and Legends players, unfortunately, there aren’t many accounts like this. You need to know that there are accounts that are sharing this.

Besides that, there are also those who use fixed email and maybe this one will also be more contested. So that the possibility already used by other readers is greater.

[email protected]fandy123
[email protected]shonyadholu
[email protected]anjeeta_sharma
[email protected]marcel01
[email protected]1234fatimah
[email protected]9727709015da

To use the account above, please go to the Extras menu > Support > Link Data after that you just have to select the Link Data Using KONAMI COM option . All you have to do is enter your email and password.

Types of PES Mobile Players

After sharing a free account, it’s interesting to discuss the characteristics of PES Mobile players.

According to accountsocean there are three types of PES Mobile players, the first is the Sultan Player, the second is Patient Player, and the last is the Free Player.

1. Player Sultan

This type of player top up in the game to increase the amount of myClub Coins. Coins function to buy rare players to strengthen the team.

The more coins we have and the rare players the account can be called PES Sultan Account. This account will be very expensive if it can be sold and will not become a Free PES Mobile account.

2. Patient Player

The second type of Patient Player of this type is an ordinary PES Mobile player who prefers to use the money for other things. Even if they have excess money they are not willing to spend it on games.

Players of this type will definitely use the normal method which tends to take a long time to make their PES account like a Sultan version without a top-up.

3. Free Player

The last type is the Free Player, this type of player is almost the same as the second type of player. The difference is they want an instant method without effort and it’s a shame to top up.

These players usually like to look for free PES Mobile accounts circulating on the internet.

You can also ask friends who have retired to play PES Mobile. This type of player can sometimes appear because they lost their old account which was treated from scratch because they forgot their usual password, and want to get their account back instantly.

It doesn’t matter which type of PES Mobile player you are, the important thing is that you can have fun while playing the game. Especially for this article, we will provide facilities for you Free Players.

Frequently Occurring Problems

The problem that often arises and you will definitely ask questions in the comments column is that the account cannot log in.

If you try to log in to one of the accounts provided and you can’t log into that account, it means that the account you are going to use is already in use by someone else.

Why can this happen? Because media like this article is accessed by many people, the accounts that we share are first-come-first-served.

Apart from that, good luck, if you are lucky and become the fastest using the account with other users, then the account will also be 100% reliable for you.


If you manage to get an account that can be accessed and want to connect, then immediately change the password. The goal is so that your account is not hacked.

That’s all for free PES accounts from us, I hope you guys will be one of the lucky ones and get a free PES Mobile account. good luck guys…

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