51+ High Level & Legendary Free Pokemon Go Accounts [2023]

Game Pokemon Go is a real location-based online video game in the real world. This game was popular at the beginning of its release in 2016.

Today the game Pokemon Go is starting to become less popular and many Pokemon Go accounts are abandoned and donated for free via the internet.

Free Pokemon Go Accounts will certainly be very useful for some players who want to play Pokemon Go again.

Free High Level & Legendary Free Pokemon Go Accounts

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go was developed by Google’s subsidiary Niantic and The Pokemon Company. In the content of the Pokemon Go game, you hunt Pokemon.

In this way, you can hunt Pokemon and gain power by walking around the street. Your purpose; catching Pokemon and defeating other Pokemon in matches.

Free Pokemon Go accounts are accounts that you can use for free. We have created a list of free accounts for you below.

Free Pokemon Go Accounts Today 2023

Here, segitkeno.com has several lists of Pokemon GO accounts that you can use for free (if you’re lucky).

This free account was obtained from various sources where the original players had retired from playing the Pokemon GO game.

Free Sultan Pokemon GO Login Google

You can use the free Pokemon Go account today in the list below by logging in to your Google account.

But for your information, logging in via Google will be a little complicated. Even so, later on, that, it will also explain how to enter.

[email protected]joj-9mx-asf
[email protected]82t-iru-2hg
[email protected]is0-fmd-fhm
[email protected]ius-ma2-x7d
[email protected]boknoy15
[email protected]perez2003
[email protected]grovyleisthebest12
[email protected]molenda312x
[email protected]12345678910
[email protected]drobtk29
[email protected]danielbrown5
[email protected]askvijoy
[email protected]pokemongo82
[email protected]09499535568
[email protected]123322213
[email protected]boknoy15
[email protected]5459423845

How to Login with Google?

Free Pokemon Go account logging in with a Google account is a little complicated, because sometimes there is a bug that makes login with Google unavailable.

Therefore you can follow the login method below, or watch the video above for more details.

  1. Open Applications.
  2. Delete game data via settings.
  3. Enter your date of birth.
  4. Select the Returning Player menu.
  5. Select Sign in with Google.
  6. Allow access (new players only).
  7. Add another account.
  8. Follow the directions to enter the account.

Note: If you have deleted the game data, but the login menu via Google has not appeared, then you can uninstall and install the Pokemon Go game again.

If the password is incorrect when entering the free Pokemon Go account login data with Google, then the account can no longer be used by you.

This is because the account you chose earlier was taken by someone else and the password was changed.

Free Pokemon GO Login Niantic Kids

Free Pokemon GO Login Niantic Kids

Apart from logging in using Google, there is also another easier way to log in to a Pokemon Go Sultan account for free, namely using a special Pokemon GO account, the Ninantic Kids account.

Niantic Kids itself is a login platform for the Pokemon GO game developer, Niantic, Inc.


How to log in with Niantic Kids?

Logging in to a Pokemon Go account with Niantic Kids is much easier and not complicated at all. Unlike logging in with Google.

  1. Open Applications.
  2. Enter your date of birth.
  3. Select the Returning Player menu.
  4. Select Niantic Kids.
  5. Enter your Username and Password, then Sign In.

If the notification Username or password is incorrect appears, or other notifications, then the account has been used by someone else. Please try another free account again.

Pokemon Go Character Types

In Pokemon Go, Pokemon can appear in certain places. The locations of Pokemon vary according to their type.

Some Pokémon can have two different types, and each type has its denser areas. One species can be superior or weak to another species.

Therefore, to be successful in the game, it is necessary to have all kinds of Pokemon. There are 18 different Pokemon in the game. Pokemon are:

  • Nsect
  • ghost
  • Grass
  • ice
  • Soil
  • Normal
  • flying
  • Poison
  • Psychi
  • Dragon
  • electricity
  • Fairy
  • fight
  • Wastage
  • rock
  • that
  • steel
  • dark


We’ve added too many accounts. Free pokemon go accounts will be updated every day. Hope it was helpful… By the way, they can get an account right away… Hurry!

Accounts are constantly being updated, unfortunately, accounts are running out very fast and their passwords are being changed, you can follow our site constantly and get it as new accounts are added.

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