Collection of Free PUBG Mobile Accounts With Fullskin [2023]

Are you looking for a free sultan PUBG account? Yes, many PUBG Mobile players are hunting for free PUBG Mobile accounts because they are dissatisfied with their own accounts. Usually, the account you are looking for is the sultan’s account, where a lot of skins have been opened and the like.

So, for those of you new players who are looking for a free PUBG account, you are in the right place. Yes, below we provide several PUBG accounts that haven’t been used at all, please try one, hopefully it hasn’t been preceded by someone else.

Latest Collection of Free PUBG Mobile Accounts Sultan Fullskin

Overview of PUBG Mobile

Before discussing a free PUBG Mobile account, let’s first discuss what PUBG Mobile is and how the gameplay is. This is very important, especially for new players, who have just played PUBG Mobile and are not good at it yet.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game, developed by Tencent. This game is very popular in the world, especially in Indonesia. On Android alone, PUBG Mobile has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of people, which could be much more if IOS is counted.

In fact, before it was available for mobile, this game had triumphed first as an FPS and battle royale game on PC. Well, this game can be said to be the best game in the battle royal genre, beating names like Fortnite, Free Fire and so on.

Then how is the gameplay from PUBG Mobile? In this best battle royale game, you can play with 99 other people from around the world in online multiplayer mode. Very exciting, of course, because the number of players who play can reach 100 people.

You and the 99 people will be deployed in a middle of nowhere, which will later become a battlefield. Each player’s mission is only one, which is to eradicate all other players and become the only one left of the 100 people.

This is not easy at all, as soon as you arrive on land, every player must rush to loot weapons and equipment. If you’re only one second late, get ready to get a dotted weapon or even go straight to the lobby because another player is killed.

Becoming good at PUBG Mobile is not easy, it definitely takes hours of flying and playing time. Sometimes, players who have money top up UC to get faster progress. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by free players.

Fortunately, now there are many unused free PUBG accounts that can be used. Of course, the account is old, so many skins have been unlocked. This will make it easier for players to win matches.

What is a Free PUBG Mobile Account?

PUBG Mobile is a free game that you can download on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (IOS). You don’t need to pay anything, just make sure the device you are using is compatible to run PUBG Mobile smoothly without any problems.

Even though it’s free, it includes in-app purchases, a common thing for games, mobile or consoles. So, for those who have money, can top up with real money. What is the point? For example, to buy UC, the currency that applies to PUBG Mobile.

The UC can be used for many things, for example buying crates, spin skins and so on. It’s not 100%, but players with money can upgrade progress faster than free players, aka FTP (Free To Play).

Then what about players who never top up at all? Well, they can still compete with paid players. Because this top up is usually to get rare in-game items, and doesn’t really affect performance.

But it’s a different story if they are good at it, have qualified skills, and have rare items. For those who don’t, they will often lose rather than win in matches, and are insecure seeing the cool skin that Sultan’s player uses.

The good news is, now there are many free sultan PUBG accounts that you can use. Usually, the account has been topped up before, so it’s better than a free PUBG Mobile account that has never been topped up.

If the account you are using now is still stupid, then you can try using the free full skin PUBG account below. Of course, it can help you a little to be able to play well at PUBG Mobile and often get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile Account Collection

Until now, PUBG Mobile is still the best battle royale game, there are still many Android and IOS users. However, there are also many veterans or old players who have retired and stopped playing it altogether.

Sometimes, they sell sultan accounts to PUBG Mobile groups on social media, or marketplaces such as shopee , Lazada and so on. However, there are also those who give free PUBG Mobile 2022 accounts to other people.

So, in this article, we are going to share a free PUBG Mobile Twitter login account today, and a free PUBG Mobile Facebook login account. You can use it, as long as it’s not preceded by someone else.

A. Latest PUBG Mobile Sultan Full Skin Account

Having various and rare skins is sure to make you proud when playing the PUBG Mobile game. The appearance of cool skins adds to the mood of playing and is an advantage over other players who don’t use skins. Therefore skin seems to be important in this game.

B. PUBG Mobile Account Login Facebook

Facebook is one of the methods for securing PUBG accounts. Apart from that, it can also be used to change one datu account to another.

  • Username: banglades584
    Password: warofwar584
  • Username: Busterjay10
    Password: perez2003
  • Username: Glacxor
    Password: goha4905
  • Username: jokerboss2000
    Password: yusuf2005
  • Username: linda95
    Password: linda5526321145
  • Username: majorking5
    Password: 55major55
  • Username: michael2019
    Password: 0234587412abc
  • Username: Pro659123
    Password: prouser659
  • Username: reymysterio4
    Password: 619619619
  • Username: screamshouttt
    Password: 64851325454
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : b3rl14n
  • Email :  [email protected]
    Password : kang.kusmet
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : loberon444
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : marcgunj33
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : 210902
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : steven_08
  • Email : @hmballah11_
    Password : namakusendiri123
  • Email : arsbhndsdw
    Password : 16051996

C. Free PUBG Mobile Accounts Login with Google

It has become a natural thing that Google is a platform that is sure to always be there to login to a game account. This is due to Google’s high security and easy access.

D. Free PUBG Mobile Account Twitter Login

It’s very rare for a game to use a Twitter account as a means of linking accounts. With Twitter as one of the PUBG login access, it certainly makes the game safer.

E. PUBG Mobile Account Free High Win Rate

WR or win rate or average win can be used to determine whether a PUBG Mobile player is good or not. Using a high PUBG WR account, of course, makes you more confident and respected by other players.

F. Free PUBG Mobile Account Rank Conqueror

There are a total of 8 ranks in the PUBG Mobile battle royale game, and the highest is Rank Conqueror. Being in this rank is not easy, it requires skill, experience, and high dedication. But all of that can be diamond by using the free account below:

G. Free PUBG Mobile Account Full Top Up

The free PUBG Car accounts below have lots of items, and rare skins because every new season there are always premium items to buy including the Royale Pass. Not only that, the PUBG Mbil accounts below have also reached a fairly high rank. Even though there are also several accounts that are only sultans but their ranking is dotted.

  • Email : Meliyazuva
    Password : bakulgas
  • Email : 089508170836
    Password : BURGERKILL
  • Email : 085546102936
    Password : psssleman
  • Email : flauraxyz
    Password : flauraaa
  • Email : GiskaAzahraIcha
    Password : giskaazahra
  • Email : 085213613855
    Password : NorRaini
  • Email : Rezaaditya15_
    Password : bakmijowo88
  • Email : 085651042301
    Password : lehip
  • Email : @hmballah11_
    Password : namakusendiri123
  • Email : 081380880754
    Password : aurell537
  • Email : 082229067445
    Password : paktotok
  • Email : Aditya nugraha
    Password : charismadewi
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : steven_08

H. Korean Server Free Mobile PUBG Account

There are accounts below that use real Korean servers, there are also phissing results. Just like the previous accounts, the account below can also be referred to as the sultan’s account.

  • Email : 085624104299
    Password : SutantoAR3107
  • Email : Aditya nugraha
    Password : charismadewi
  • Email : arsbhndsdw
    Password : 16051996
  • Email : Bagaskenario13
    Password : bagaskenario76776
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : b3rl14n
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : 081217178718
  • Email : janellaoii
    Password : m@l@ndut
  • Email: Rifkymaker
    Password: pangeranbiru
  • Email : [email protected]
    Password : 210902
  • Email : sky.generation
    Password : sjygeneration123
  • Email : Smoke_of_life
    Password : ningrum110606

Free PUBG Mobile accounts are very profitable, because most of the free PUBG accounts above are in good condition, compared to your current account. You don’t even need to top up at all, because there are several accounts where all the skins have been unlocked.

How to Use a Free PUBG Mobile Account

You can enter PUBG Mobile using FB, Twitter, Email and so on, here are the steps:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile.
  2. Select Login.
  3. Choose whether to log in using your FB account, Twitter, Email, etc.
  4. Next, enter the email address and password.
  5. Done, enjoy playing the free PUBGM account above.

You can still use the free PUBG Mobile account above, hopefully it hasn’t been preceded by other players. Now you can have a god account without having to top up a lot first.

Why can’t the account be used?

This question will definitely appear a lot in the comments column. This naturally happens because if you are unlucky, the account cannot be used anymore. Given the limited number of free accounts, but many want it.

The fastest and the hockey or luck factor will be the main determinant of whether or not you can get a free PUBG Mobile account that accountsocean shares in this article.

So maybe those of you who tried it turned out to be unable to lose quickly with other article readers. So you can only be patient waiting for the free account update to come.

Apart from that, the origin of this free account is from someone who has started playing PUBG and wants their account to remain active and given to other people through internet intermediaries. Meanwhile, the number of PUBG players is still large so maybe the account update will be a little uncertain.

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