Unused Free YouTube Premium Accounts [2023]

This Youtube application has become the most well-known application among the public. So, right now there’s a lot of talk about free Youtube Premium accounts.

For those who are looking for a premium YouTube account that hasn’t been used and is free, then you can listen to this discussion on accounts ocean.

In today’s era, where everything can be done online, of course, there will be lots of things that we can get very easily.

Unused Free YouTube Premium Accounts

Instead of tools that can be used to help ease work, entertainment applications are now available and can be used.

One of the entertainment applications that most people use is the Youtube application. In the Youtube application, there will be lots of videos available.

Want videos of any genre, of course, they will be easily available. So, it can provide good entertainment as well as benefits for its users.

In this Youtube application, there is also Youtube premium which has many advantages. Want to know a more complete discussion about YouTube Premium and the free account?

If so, just listen to the discussion below.

Explanation of Youtube Premium

As discussed above, the Youtube application is an application that will be able to provide many kinds of videos.

Starting from learning videos, video tutorials, entertainment videos, and many more. So, using the Youtube application is also very easy.

All you have to do is download using the official platform, the application will be immediately usable.

However, sometimes when watching videos, advertisements often appear in the middle of the video. If that’s the case, it will distract us from watching the video.

Maybe because of that there are many who feel that it’s easier to watch without ads appearing in the application.

So, for that, if you really want to watch without ads in the video, you can use an application called Youtube Premium.

This premium Youtube application is a Youtube application that provides subscription fees. So, later to use this one application, the user must make a payment.

Users must make a payment or there is a subscription fee because in Youtube Premium all things that interfere with watching videos on Youtube can be removed later. Like, an ad that suddenly appears in a YouTube video.

Apart from that, there are many more features available in this Youtube Premium application.

For the readers of Accountsocean to know, the Youtube Premium application has also been recognized for a long time. Therefore, this application is one application that is trusted by people.

In the Youtube Premium application, it will indeed be the same as ordinary Youtube. There are still many videos available, such as short films, the latest music, and more. This application can also be used on various existing devices.

Such as use with iOS, Android devices, tablets, PCs, and more. Now for those who have subscribed to YouTube Premium, later the account can be used by 5 people at once.

How do you understand the explanation of this premium application? If so, you can immediately listen to the next discussion.

Features Of Free Premium Youtube Offered To Users

Features Of Free Premium Youtube Offered To Users

If you already know about the list of accounts that exist and can be used later, then you can also find out about the features of this account.

Of course, every tool or something used has its features. Because with the features available in it users will find it easier to access.

Especially if the name of the tool is already premium, of course, there will be even more superior features available.

Of course, all the premium features that will be in this application are unlimited features, which means they cannot be found in other applications.

Well, it’s the same with this Youtube Premium application. Later in this one application, there are lots of excellent features.

However, before using this one application, you should first know what features are available in it. By knowing all the features, users are expected to be able to use the application more smoothly.

Because you already know what things you can do and what you can’t do. If that’s the case, below we will present some of the features that you will get if you use the premium YouTube account. Just take a look at the full details below.

#1. Watch Videos Without Ads

As we explained above, in the normal Youtube application, if you watch a video, there will be advertisements in it.

Ads contained in YouTube videos sometimes appear in the middle of playing the video.

Therefore, sometimes people feel annoyed because they are lazy to wait for the ads to disappear and continue watching them.

Sometimes even the sudden presence of advertisements in the video being watched can make users uncomfortable.

Therefore, in this Premium Youtube application, users will be spoiled by the presence of the no ads feature.

So, this feature will later close all advertisements that will come or enter the video that is being watched. Watching YouTube videos using Youtube Premium is also quieter and more comfortable.

Indeed, Youtube Premium is very concerned with the comfort and pleasure of its users. So it’s even more fun to watch these videos later.

#2. Can Watch Videos In The Background

Maybe the reader has seen people playing videos on Youtube while also opening other applications.

So, if anyone is curious about why it could be like that, then you should see the discussion about this one feature first.

So, to watch Youtube videos while opening other applications, you also need something called a background feature.

With this background feature, later users will be able to shrink the Youtube video that is being played to be able to open other applications.

Well, this one feature is only available in premium accounts. If the usual YouTube account later will not be able to do this.

Even though the cellphone used already has high specs, playing YouTube videos in the background can only be done with a premium account.

If you can use this one feature, it will be more comfortable and concise. When you need to open other applications, entertainment videos, or music videos playing on Youtube don’t need to stop first.

#3. Access Applications Offline Easily

To use this one application, later users will be able to access the application offline. Maybe there are still many who are confused about how to access it online. So, the method is to first download the videos you want to watch.

When it’s finished downloading, then you can watch the video online. The download process is also very easy.

Users will not find it difficult because the download feature is clearly stated in this application.

So, even though it is the first time using this application, users will not feel confused by its appearance.

Everything is very to the point and nothing is hidden. In addition, the process of downloading these videos is also faster than other applications.

However, for a faster process, you must pay attention to the internet connection, whether the network is stable or not.

If you have a network quality that is less stable later it will still be the same, the download process is slow. However, if the network quality is stable, the download process will also be faster.

#4. Provide Lots of High-Quality Videos

If you watch YouTube videos, it will be very easy when watching using high quality.

The reason is that if you watch with low quality, it will usually be less clear and not pleasant to look at. So, because of that, the developers of this one application have provided high-quality videos.

However, not only that, the developer of this application also thinks about user comfort in using it.

So, later you will still be given choices for the video quality, starting from the highest to the lowest. Users can freely set which quality they want to use.

If you want to save on quota, then later you can use and choose only low and medium quality.

However, if you really don’t mind the quota in watching it, you can immediately choose the video quality that is moderate to the highest. Immediately adjust it to the needs and preferences of the user.

#5. Can Access Youtube Music Premium Free

Apart from the cool videos in this application, users will also be able to get free access to Youtube Music Premium for free.

Right, yes, when you use the free Youtube Premium application, you can automatically get YouTube Music Premium too.

Later on, using YouTube music premium, you will be able to get free access to the music in the Youtube application.

In addition, when playing songs or music, you can later be free without any pauses because the advertisements in the application are closed.

Not only that, later users will be able to get the playlist feature, so users will be able to create playlists or order songs.

Therefore, if you want to get Youtube Music Premium, then you can immediately try using this free Youtube Premium account.

So, those are some of the features that you can later use and also get if you use a premium YouTube account.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if there are still many people who are looking for and want to use it. Because that way, users can get many advantages from this one application.

List of Active Unused Free Premium Youtube Accounts

List of Active Unused Free Premium Youtube Accounts

Do you already know what the Youtube Premium application is? If that’s the case, later you can immediately use YouTube Premium.

However, as discussed above, which application can be used after making a payment?

If people who do have excess money will definitely be happy to make payments using Youtube Premium.

But, people who really can’t make payments, will definitely find another way. Moreover, a student, of course, will look for other ways to get Youtube Premium for free.

Well, one of the ways that most people use is to find a free Youtube Premium account.

Yes, now a lot of people are talking about using their free Youtube accounts. In fact, many people have successfully used it.

Therefore, more and more people are curious to try using this free premium Youtube account.

This time, we will share a list of premium YouTube accounts that can be used for free. However, to log in, you must use a Google account. Here is the account.

#1. Free Premium Youtube Accounts [2023]

[email protected]55545553
[email protected]yos66512
[email protected]asri1212
[email protected]FAccnt556
[email protected]juity3344
[email protected]indahdadah
[email protected]855146793
[email protected]0986152
[email protected]xcxc3452
[email protected]giorgio89

#2. Youtube Premium Free Accounts [2023]

If you don’t want to create multiple Google accounts, get a free YouTube premium account. So here we will share YouTube accounts that have become premium.

All the YouTube accounts that we share in this article are directly accessible as long as no one is using them.

So there is no need to switch to a different Google account and re-register for a free premium trial account.

Following are the names of Youtube accounts and their passwords that have subscribed to Youtube Premium

[email protected]897426
[email protected]sariiii120
[email protected]icacaca1098
[email protected]yourfuture3234
[email protected]12764939
[email protected]anantara1212
[email protected]ariel12345
[email protected]micelantari123
[email protected]8548552

So, those are some premium YouTube accounts that you can try without having to register first.

Please use the account mentioned above and hopefully, you can continue to use it even if someone else has used it.

How To Easily Get Free Youtube Premium Forever

How To Easily Get Free Youtube Premium Forever

If you really don’t get the free Youtube Premium account above, then don’t worry, and don’t get discouraged first.

Because readers can still try to get their premium Youtube account independently but it’s still free and there’s no payment at all.

Even though it might only last for a while, users can enjoy a premium Youtube account with these captivating features.

Surely you are already curious about the ways that you will get this? The method is very easy to do.

However, to make it even easier, we will provide complete and detailed steps for using the application.

If so, you can immediately see the steps to get a free premium Youtube account below.

  1. Open the Youtube application that is already available on the device.
  2. As usual, log in using an existing account. Or if you don’t have one, you can log in using a Google account.
  3. After entering the application, you can click on the Google account option located at the top right.
  4. If it’s successful, then click Get Youtube Premium in the available options.
  5. Then, you will be taken to a page that contains complete information about the Youtube Premium account.
  6. If you have read it, click Try Free which is available in the selection.
  7. Later many options will appear and click confirm.
  8. There will be several processes that must be done again by following all the instructions given.
  9. Finished

That’s the discussion about the free Youtube Premium accounts that can be used along with other complete explanations.

You can just try it and enjoy the benefits of a premium YouTube account for free.


For those of you who want to feel comfortable while watching YouTube, you can switch to a premium account.

If you don’t want to sign up for a paid premium account, you can try the YouTube account provided above.

So, maybe that’s all the information that we can provide about free YouTube premium accounts, I hope it can be useful for all of you.

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