[Free!] How to Get Free Fire Diamonds [2023] NO HOAX!

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds is often sought after by many FF players, especially for those free-to-play who don’t want to top up diamonds with real money.

Luckily, there are several ways you can get free FF diamonds. Some are legal but some are illegal. Here you can try how to get free FF diamonds with or without an application.

[Free!] How to Get Free Fire Diamonds [NO HOAX!]

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

Who doesn’t know Free Fire aka FF? This battle royale game is very popular in Indonesia. Not only small children, adults also play this game.

So, in FF, there are two currencies, namely gold, aka coins, and diamonds, aka diamonds. Both can be obtained in the game for free, for example, after winning matches or daily login rewards.

Compared to gold, diamonds in FF are more valued, because you can buy items that cannot be bought with gold. Because of this, many players are willing to top up diamonds, either through Indomaret/ Alfamart, Lazada, or Shopee.

The problem is, this cannot be done by casual players or free-to-play. But you really don’t need to worry, because there is a way to get free FF diamonds that you can try.

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free [2023]

Here are some ways to get diamonds on FF for free. The method below is the most effective you can do. All the complete ways to sitetkeno.com are presented below, from legal to illegal.

1. Free Give Away

Free Give Away

The way to get Free Fire diamonds without an application is by following the giveaway. Many famous FF gamers and Youtubers often give away diamond FF.

So, you should be able to take advantage of this kind of opportunity, usually, the number of diamonds that will be given is quite decent.

The conditions for participating in this kind of giveaway are very easy, they usually do it on social media or Youtube.

Participants are only told to follow an account and give likes and comments to tag 1-5 friends. Even though the winner is determined randomly, it’s worth a try, who knows, maybe your luck will get free Free Fire diamonds.

2. Events from the Garena Team

Events from the Garena Team

Garena as a Free Fire developer also regularly holds an event, where lots of free diamonds are distributed. Usually, the event occurs once every month, but not certain.

Therefore, as much as you can monitor information from Garena, maybe there is a recent event that promises lots of free diamonds. Garena will provide free FF diamonds via a redemption code.

So, you can enter the redemption code later in the game. If it’s true, you will get free FF diamonds as promised.

3. Bug-Free fire

Bug-Free fire

The bug is an unwanted error in a program. One example of a bug in free fire is that you can enter the roof of a house (which you shouldn’t be able to), or you can walk on water.

These bugs will be very uncomfortable for players and developers. Now back to the topic, Garena has prepared a number of diamonds for those of you who can find and report bugs in the game.

if your report is accepted, you will be able to get diamonds for free

4. Script Diamond Free fire

Script Diamond Free fire

Playing a little dirty, using the diamond script is one way to get a lot of Dm in Free Fire. He said, if you install the script, then you will get the number of diamonds listed in the script

For example, the script that I shared before in the article 99,999 free diamond FF script. But of course, this method is not recommended because it can get your account banned or get other problems

5. Free Fire Redeem Code

Free Fire Redeem Code

Using the redeem code is one of the easiest ways to get diamond-free fire. The way it works is that you have to have a redeem code first (which is still active and not full), then all you have to do is enter it on the official Garena website

In the latest collection of FF redeem code articles that I shared yesterday, there are various codes that can be used. But remember, each code has a limited active period, so you have to always update it to find codes that can still be used

6. Using Diamond APK

Using Diamond APK

Several sources on the internet also state that one way to get diamonds is to use the diamond APK. He said he could get diamonds according to the amount listed in the APK.

Similarly, yesterday also had time to review Diamond Free Fire Free 10,000 app. However, this method is not recommended and can have an adverse effect on your account

7. Illegal Topup

Illegal Topup

FF illegal top-up is a way to cheat the payment system on free fire. The mechanism is, you buy a number of free fire diamonds (assume 5000 dm) then after the payment is complete, you do the refund option on the Google Play system.

After that, your money will return to your wallet, but the 5000 diamonds that you ordered earlier will still be in your FF account. Again, I don’t recommend this method

8. Join the Tournament of Free Fire

Join the Tournament of Free Fire

Do you feel good at playing FF? Why not join the FF tournament? If you win, you will get lots of prizes, one of which is an FF diamond.

Usually, Garena often holds tournaments, as well as other parties. Because of that, you can take advantage of this to get permanent free FF diamonds.

9. Create a Free Fire Tournament

Create a Free Fire Tournament

Previously, it was explained that getting free diamonds can be done by participating in FF tournaments. But it turns out that the party that made it can also get FF diamonds for free.

The method is like this. You must know that some Free Fire tournaments are made with registration money to take part. Now this registration fee will be used as a prize by the committee as well as income for those holding the tournament.

So the majority of the registration money will be allocated for tournament prizes, and the remaining small portion will be for the event maker’s capital.

Usually, tournaments also have several sponsors. This sponsor can help financially with prizes for participants or the committee itself.

Not only making tournaments, just being a part of the committee, you can also splash money on the results, and use it to buy diamonds.

This method is not completely free because you have to work as a committee first. But at least it can be an additional committee and socialization experience.

10. Joki Free Fire

Joki Free Fire

The free way to get diamonds on Free Fire is to open a Free Fire jockey service. This method is actually free without you having to spend money because you will be paid after you finish jockeying.

But instead of not spending money, you have to spend a lot of time jockeying for the Free Fire account.

The jockeys you can also vary, such as rank jockeys in Free Fire and jockeys to get Heroic Emblems by playing Clash Squad.

The jockey that you did before must have an agreement with the jockey’s request. So the time you waste on jockeys can be paid for at the right price.

Also make sure you have the skills when playing Free Fire, OK?

11. Exchange Earnator.com Points for FF Diamonds

Exchange Earnator.com Points for FF Diamonds

For those of you who are free-to-play FF ​​players and want to get free diamonds, then you can visit the Earnator.com site. This site will give you a number of points just by filling out the surveys available there.

The points that you have managed to collect can later be exchanged directly for FF diamonds. Not only that, but points can also be exchanged for PUBG Mobile diamonds, Mobile Legends: Bang-bang, Arena of Valor, and so on.

12. Invite Friends By One

Invite Friends By One

Surely some of you are wondering “How come you can invite friends by one to get diamonds, even though you’re just having fun?”

If any of you ask questions like this, just enter. Because generally by ne is just for fun and showing off skills.

But you can make an invitation by one that generates diamonds with the previous conditions. For example, you invite your friends to make one with the condition that the loser will top up the diamond to the winner.

That way by one who has fun will produce free Free Fire diamonds.

Diamond FF, which is quite cheap, doesn’t feel like it will be too burdensome for the losing party. There, top-up codashop diamonds, the price for 140 diamonds is only 20,000.

13. Play a Balance Earning Game

Play a Balance Earning Game

Currently, there are many free games on the Google Play Store that have features to provide balance to your digital wallet.

So just playing games and completing missions in the game that generates your balance can get real money balances.

You can later receive the money from this balance generator game in a digital wallet such as DANA. Then all you have to do is top up the diamonds with the DANA payment method. That way the way to get free Free Fire diamonds can be completed.

14. Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward

You can also get free Free Fire diamonds from the Google Opinion Reward. You can review or comment on something in it, which will be rewarded with a Google Gift Card.

So, you can immediately use the Google Gift Card to top up diamonds. The more diligent the review, the more prizes you will get.

15. With SnackVideo Rewards

Next is SnackVideo, a money-making application that you can use to top up FF diamonds for free. You just have to invite friends and watch videos to earn points.

These points can later be transferred to a digital wallet or used as credit. Then, the money/pulse that you get can be bought for FF diamonds.

16. Cheat Diamond

Previously, accounts ocean explained that there are several illegal ways to get Free Fire diamonds for free, such as Diamond Scripts, Illegal Top Up, and Diamond Apk. But there is one more illegal method that you can use to get diamonds in Free Fire, namely cheat diamonds.

Using this diamond cheat is relatively easy. But you still need a 3rd party application. Applications that you can use for Free Fire diamond cheats are Layon Shop Apk, and Free Fire Mod Apk.

17. Reporting Bugs to Developers

Bugs are an annoyance in the game. Therefore bugs must be fixed immediately if caught.

Now this bug can be found at any time when playing the Free Fire game. As soon as you find a bug, you can immediately report it to the developer. Furthermore, if it is proven, you will receive a prize in the form of a number of diamonds from the bug earlier.


There are many ways to get Free Fire diamonds, both with and without an application. Take advantage and practice the methods above so you can get free diamonds and be able to compete with paid FF players.

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