[Free!] How To Get Ninja SS Rank in Ninja Heroes Fast (VIP Rank)

Do you want to get free ninja SS in Ninja Heroes? If yes, then well, because in this article we have shared How To Get Ninja SS Rank in Ninja Heroes Fast (VIP Rank).

Combat Power in ninja heroes / Ninja heroes reborn is influenced by many things. Starting from Ninja, Skill Ninja, Class Ninja, Equipment, refine, Deploy, etc.

One of the crucial and most important things in big or small CP is the Ninja Class and Name. And of course, you know that in Ninja heroes, Ninja SS is the strongest, after Ninja SSS.

[Free!] How To Get Ninja SS Rank in Ninja Heroes Fast (VIP Rank)

So by using only Ninja SS, your Combat Power will soar far. Even though it won’t be as high as a combat power hero with an SSS rating.

But this SS ninja can be considered useful, and will drastically change the lineup of your 3 personal ninja teams.

Ninja SS in ninja heroes is the second highest class of all ninjas, and there aren’t many of them, besides that, it’s also difficult to get them.

Anyway, it’s really rare. Even if you have Special capture 10x, it’s not certain that you can get an SS ninja, you know.

Some of the Ninja SS in Ninja Heroes among others

  • Hashirama Senju
  • Madara Uchiha
  • Six Paths Obito
  • Six Paths Madara
  • Minato Namikaze
  • Mangekyō Sasuke
  • Nine Tails Naruto
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi
  • Tobirama Senju

Description: Ninjas of the upper order are usually more often used as the main team.

How to Get Ninja SS Rank in Ninja Heroes for Free

So, here, Sigittekno.com wants to share with you how to get the SS ninja on the latest & easy Ninja heroes, in various ways.

And these methods have definitely proven to be effective for getting Ninja SS, if you’re lucky you can even get Ninja SSS, you know…

So this method / several ways to get the following Ninja SS can be VIP 0, free, without Topup, etc. So for those of you who have never top-up, of course, you can practice this method

1. Join the Official Giveaway

Join the Official Giveaways

As a kind-hearted game developer, GM Ninja Heroes often gives giveaways with Ninja SS prizes for their players. and this method is free tissue

To take part in the giveaway, you have to keep an eye on the Official Ninja Heroes Fans page, sometimes on holidays/random days, the GM gives giveaways for the followers of the fan page.

For example, at the Chinese New Year celebration yesterday, the GM distributed vouchers containing Ninja SS Ninja Heroes for free.

2. Get Ninja SS in the Arena Market

Get Ninja SS in the Arena Market

Even though this method is quite long, it is a reliable way to get one of the strongest Ninja SS: Hashirama Senju.

The trick is to collect as many arena points as possible, then exchange them for 100x Hashirama cards. This method is of course free, but you have to be more patient in collecting the arena points.

A few tips: try to keep your rankings high so you can get more arena points.

3. Diligent Stage Hard

Diligent Stage Hard

On the Hard stage, at Turtle Island & Great Ninja War to be precise, there is a stage where the rewards are Madara Cards & Hashirama cards which are the Ninja SS in the game Ninja Heroes. Apart from that, the good thing is that there are SS skill cards too.

So by diligently stage hard on Turtle Island & Great ninja war, you will easily get SS ninja cards & SS skills to later be redeemed into Ninja SS (hashirama / Madara) or SS Skills.

4. Burn Gold event

Burn Gold event

If you have a lot of gold from the results of collecting/top-up, it’s better if the gold is burned/used when there is a gold burn event. Because if you get 1st place in the event, you will definitely get 20 Ninja SS + Ninja A.

yes, even though there are many sultans out there who have been looking for this event, you can really change the method / skip this method.

5. Special capture

Special capture

This Special Capture / SC is the in Ninja Heroes. Your luck will be really tested here. If you are lucky, you can get Ninja SS in Ninja Heroes, although most of them will only get Ninja S.

You can collect Gold little by little (if you want it for free), then if you have enough, please SC. Or if you want to be quick, top-up & SC gas directly.

6. Advanced Capture

Advanced Capture

Apart from SC, it turns out that Advanced Capture can also get SS ninjas. Even though the information in the AC said that it could only be C – S ninjas, the fact is that not a few people can become SS ninjas in SC as well.

even though the chance of getting an SS ninja is small, but if you manage to collect a lot of gold, it’s possible to get an SS if you are lucky.

7. Summon cards in the Shop

Summon cards in the Shop

You can do this method for free or you can also buy it. depending on your needs and finances.

So if you open a shop, the Summon Card section, you can buy a ninja SS summon a card.

if you want the intention to buy just a suggestion, just buy the Minato one, because for Tobirama himself the quality is not good & for Hiruzen himself you can’t even get the ninja.

instead, Minato is really good because there are a lot of deploys for RR.

8. Use a Free Account

Use a Free Account

Now, because yesterday I was able to share lots of free Ninja Heroes accounts, I will include the article here.

So in Article 231+ Free Ninja Heroes Accounts, you can use Ninja Heroes accounts that have SS ninjas in them. Even in that account there are already a lot of SSS ninjas.

if you are interested, just try the free account that I have shared above.


So many articles on how to get the SS ninja in this ninja heroes. The key to getting ninja ss for free is to be patient and painstaking. that’s the point, if you can be patient, then you can get the SS ninja. So hopefully useful.

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